The widow of Andrei Voznesensky Zoya Boguslavskaya: “He knew — I will not betray”

Andrei Voznesensky — 85. My God, seems like yesterday he came to the editor, brought a fresh, just born poems. It has not stopped serious illness, deprived of voice and power. Came, read, checked up to a point. And then he was gone, but there is a memory, which stored all of us, the country and Zoya Boguslavskaya. 46 years they were together. Andrew and Zoe. Zoe and Andrew.

So Andrew continued, looking into space, Zoe has established a Fund in his name, the award for “Parabola”, and now finally with his son Leonid Boguslavsky (Chairman of the Board) opens a Cultural center and Andrei Voznesensky. We spoke with Zoya Borisovna, who is a longtime friend of “MK”.

photo: Fond im..Ascension

— Zoya Borisovna, after all this is a striking figure — 46. Two artist, two different individuals. This does not happen. The poet and his Muse…

— Protecting personal privacy, we never brought it to the public. Gave interviews about each other. The first explanation for this — I never put myself next to him, have always been reluctant to compare his work with mine. Always knew my “trickle” chamber, I have your readership, and I defended her chamber space. Andrew for me has always been in the first place. Because besides love, sex and all the stuff was absolute trust in each other. He knew that under any torture, under any circumstances, I will not betray him.

It consisted of two parts: one belonged to poetry. And in order to be a poet to Express themselves and to be held, he could overcome anything. Sometimes even through moral barriers. Had two fights with Vasily Katanyanom and Vasily Livanov: it is… how to say… not with them very nicely done. But still I want to say that he was very mischievous, and in his personal life — very touching and unpretentious. Never said, “don’t want to eat it, hand me that.” At home it was an angel. Never fought with him except once, when I left, and he… Because after that there were poetry and song — it was sung Leontiev: “we Must have gone mad, I’m your enemy you’re my enemy.” But he was an absolute tiger, aggressive, unyielding when it came to poetry.

— Generations, life has changed beyond recognition. What today can still be opened in poet and human ascension?

You know what he wrote? He said: “I write poetry with their feet.” From six in the morning I went to Peredelkino field. And when we got married, and went with him to Bulgaria, he every day from early morning disappeared somewhere. And never explained anything. Once returned, and I said, “Well how can you? I’m in a foreign country, don’t know anybody here, and you disappear somewhere”. And then he said to me, “Remember the rest of your life — you can make me jealous only for poetry. I won’t retreat a single step, because there is no other for me like this does not exist.”

He left in Peredelkino at six in the morning, and one day he was attacked by wild dogs — 36 bites, every day we gave him shots for rabies… But for the realization of its purpose, for him there are no barriers. Fell in Paris and broke, at the head of the bloody bandage, and tomorrow — a presentation of his new book. And he’s going. I say, “crazy?! Go over my dead body”. — “Then over your dead body”. This, of course, a figure of speech, but he had no idea that he can’t go.

— You are asking themselves the question: what would Andrei do if he is in such a situation? How would you react today to those or other events? For example, in the trial of the “Seventh Studio”?

— I’m sure he would have been for the government. When Cyril invited Andrei Andreyevich to the festival “Territory”, and we went to see and hear young poets at the Polytechnic Museum. Enter the hall dark, and no one knows where we have to plant… And suddenly, in one moment, the audience stands up, starts to pass us. Cyril was shocked that a 17 year old punks that came to the youth festival, under one name ascension jumped from their seats. And I have to protect Serebrennikov is one argument: if a person does not put his money in his pocket and spent on art (right or wrong) — it is impossible to judge criminal court. And Andrew would be so considered.

photo: Fond im..Ascension

— And in relations with the authorities? Would keep a distance or, on the contrary, aspired to the handle?..

— The pen never sought. You know, he was still fairly apolitical and often talked about it. However, always had their own point of view. What is the power, for example, freedom of expression, I’m sure, would be absolutely denied by Andrei Andreyevich. He believed that a creative person is a sacred being, that the gift is given from above, and no earthly authority has the right to break off his purpose. And my art too…

Andrei Andreevich, having at one time “dose” from Khrushchev, negotiated their rejection of the power that almost destroyed him. If Khrushchev’s phrase: “get to work!” — it was not, then maybe it would not be. After Khrushchev publicly whipping any of his line were removed from texts. “Go to her, the passport will prescribe Shelepin!” — yelled Khrushchev, referring to the Americans. And when Andrey Andreevich immediately then asked: “What would you do if you, like Solzhenitsyn, was exiled from the country?” — he without hesitation replied: “I would be shot at the border”. He was a patriot to the end, in the normal sense of the word.

By the way, the Creek Khrushchev were the words Wanda Wasilewska. She, along with her husband, came to Khrushchev and said: “We in Poland want to build socialism, but your young writers we could do without. Here I was in Poland Aksenov and ascension and our question is whether the socialist realism the only style in art, they responded that socialist realism is not one, and there are even more and better.” And Khrushchev, pumped Wanda, upset at the idea that Poland prevented some young poets, came to the arena, came down… But the way it would be on her conscience.

I’ll tell you the episode even more interesting: when Andrew was in Peredelkino in the House of creativity, in the coach house lived the writer Galina Serebryakova, planted, and then became a major patriot. One day she called Andryushka and began to tell me how it was pressed and planted… as proof, opened his shirt and showed scars riddled his chest. Andrew then said that he fainted from such a sight. But what was his surprise when, during the Khrushchev Creek Serebryakov, who was sitting in the front row, applauded Khrushchev shouted Andrew, “Salesman, traitor!..”

And how after such to trust people? Especially creative who call themselves intellectuals? Double standards is the norm then and seems now.

— Yes that you! So many people in a difficult situation the wrong yourself! When you ask (and only you) about 46 years of our marriage, I answer: “for Any profit, fees, for travel abroad, I could not betray it” — and Andrew knew it. And now — age benefits: life is given once and we must live it only with a million, only with a good job and young blonde…

— Andrei Andreevich to the benefit of money treated?

— From my point of view is horrible. He could completely give your money to the first comer. and could lose… Recently I found this episode: Vladimir worked as a poet Marat Wirearchy, he was exiled to Siberia, and in Moscow, he was passing through. And he knew that in one passage through the capital it can hold. So Andrei was running with him in Moscow, trying to arrange his fate, on the phone agreed with Novosibirsk, asked me to help him out and escorted to the station so Marat took…

— In General was indifferent to the material?

— No, but he understood and believed the money he was supposed to. But as he did nothing, how many did not take over the performance of money! And more to the issue of power, he wrote: “As the appendicitis, we removed the shame. The shamelessness of our destiny, forgotten how to blush…” And to end these verses: “the Duty of the verse to be an organ of shame.”

photo: Fond im..Ascension

— Changing opinions, tastes and fashion. Do you think that the interest in ascension, his poetry changed?

— The interest in memory and his poetry, I think very few to whom the poets of his generation have survived a huge number of reissues, citation… Now, to the 85-th anniversary, the latest works in the publishing house “the Word”. The edition printed in Italy, there are photographs — works of art (photographs, all of his “videomy”). This five-volume we present on 12 may. Ascension is still relevant. Here, for example, is:

Why are two of the great poet,

preacher of eternal love

don’t blink as two of the gun?

Rhymes friends, and people — alas…

Why two great people

cold on the brink of war,

under loose tent of oxygen?

The people are friendly, and the country — alas…

Two countries, two hands are heavy,

designed love,

engulfed in horror head

God knows what done Land!

And it was in the 77th written! Or huge his metaphor when he was dying in my arms, in the last seconds of his life whispered: “We both fall, embracing my cross.” You know? And I fall with him, hugging him for sinners the cross that you carry. This is my positivity and my ability to never come to despair. It is the way I was perceived.

Thank you for the candle put

In katolikosata forest

that is not extinguished candle melt

for sinners the cross that I wear.

…Between daily Black rivers

I light thank you,

among the thousands of funeral candles —

candle grace-your.

— Zoya Borisovna, what and where will happen on 12 may, the birthday of Andrei Andreyevich?

— Everything will happen at the Cultural center of Andrei Voznesensky’s on Ordynka street, 46. I must say that our attempt to establish in Moscow Museum named after Voznesensky’s all the time something prevented. And then we, Leonid boguslavski, my son, sit down and honestly tell each other: “Everything we did before was our charity events, so let’s do everything ourselves”. Thus, we found the building where could be placed the center. This is the old mansion of the XIX century, two floors; a lot had to do to adapt it to normal life. To the last day there was repair work. That is where it will happen.

In my project one room given over to the library (I gave back my home library), the other with only the manuscript, and there can operate those who study the work of the ascension. In musical collected all records Andrei Andreyevich, his performances in different halls. And the little cafe downstairs. Last year, when we opened this space, the people came in such large numbers that three people — Dr. Roshal, Vladimir Pozner and Kirill Serebrennikov, are unable to get through the crowd and stood on the stairs. So I said that in all areas of the building must work stream.

To the 85th anniversary opened an exhibition of photographs, based on my personal archive, photographs of different years, two of my watercolor portraits that made Andrew: one of the famous violets, and on the second I in the hat. There will be performances of officials, artists, writers, musicians, members of the jury “Parabola”.

Incidentally, I note that Andrei does not belong to me as a poet. I owned it when needed a clean shirt or silence when he worked. But I never supervised his behavior or lifestyle. Never PR, no one phoned and were not asked to respond to the release of a new book. I thought he deserved the attention and love of people.

And now I get a call, and I confirm the invitation or say, “You are now leaning against his memory, but at the time…” Because he wrote, giving me credit as the just man: “most of all I was offended that those people who ran across the road in the corridor to say Hello, after the speech, Khrushchev pretended that I do not know. I walked down the stairs of the WSC, when I was expelled, and only one woman walked over, not afraid, and this affected the beauty of her soul.”

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