“What a terrible murderer this Malopolski?”

Alex Malopolski in a hospital bed. Taken directly from the courtroom became ill. Thanks, not in jail or hospital. Outside the XXI century. This is the twenty-first? Do not mistake? Maybe we were in the stone or dark Ages? No, it’s Russia in the age of new technologies, the may decrees designed to improve our lives, and most importantly — Russia freedom.

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I wrote a classic Sukhovo-Kobylin: “Language refuses to speak, the eyes refuse to see.” People far from the theatre, but to preserve the remnants of sanity, I ask: what is such a terrible killer this Malopolski that it should be the handcuff chain? If you tighten the screws and follow the letter and the paragraph of the rules of detention in jail, it is possible to the battery to attract people. And because some people do it. Certainly, they also consider themselves free in a free country, contemporary, trendy, with iPhones, armed to the teeth with gadgets. But the soul, the brains and those who make such a decision, and those who perform it, from our violent past. How else to explain this discrepancy between image and actions — the gap between them. And between us too.

But this emotion, our indignation and helplessness of hopelessness in the case of Alexei. The cuffs on the sick Malopolski has finished off everyone, even not very sympathetic or completely indifferent to the matter of the “Seventh Studio”. But emotions don’t help. What did the Basmanny court and the judges whose names will undoubtedly go down in history, failed even the Investigative Committee a request to transfer an unhealthy 60-year-old theater Manager from jail under house arrest, now gives a clear understanding of the story. Definitely, what Malopolska doing scapegoat, a scapegoat to intimidate.

Why him? Because he doesn’t have the big names that you can use as a shield, no influential patrons, which you can click on the desired button or call the right person, to bring, if anything, anyone should. He’s a little person who worked the least in, “the Seventh Studio” (ten months), had no right of the financial signature. What is the scope of the acts was to make Alex Malopolski, as he was supposed to destroy the theater, the capital, Home to with heart disease to be handcuffed to the metal bed?

Now no one doubts that this is a show trial, a public whipping, a shameful lesson for motley theatre community. And next year, incidentally, the President announced a Year of theatre. Theatrical lucky, because this year is going to the theatre, particularly in the provinces, especially away from the major settlements, where for pennies working poor enthusiasts, chic perspective. Someone, probably, also will reward, will give a ticket to a sanatorium. But the joy of the prospects opened is an image of a man, small and skinny, lying on a hospital bed and chained her with handcuffs? How to feel the theater from the neighborhood with this frame? The theater, which is still convinced that thinking about the person, reminding conscience and shame. The theater, which is so proud and at every step saluted his fraternity? Maybe it’s time to do something! For a particular person. Last Name Malopolski. Age — 60 years.

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