Eurovision 2018: online broadcast of the final voting results

Today, may 12, in the capital of Portugal – Lisbon will host the final of the prestigious song contest Eurovision-2018. Unfortunately, the representative of Russia Yulia Samoilova made it to this stage, but lovers of music and art in any case, appreciate the vocal data of the remaining contenders. We’ll never get past this event and start our direct online broadcast exactly at 22:00 Moscow time, and our correspondent will transmit exclusive footage straight from the event.


Julia Samoylova are unable to cope with the nerves, because of which Russia had not entered the final of Eurovision-2018. In an interview with “MK” after his speech, the singer called the incident a terror, and horror, but noted the need not to give up and to pursue music further.

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“Video presentation of Yulia Samoilova at the Eurovision song contest-2018: forgot the words”


Meanwhile, in a crucial stage of the contest made it 22 by. After you know their names, and the jury estimated their performances, bookmakers have revised the favorites of the Eurovision song contest. So, they believe that the main contender for victory is fereira, Eleni (Cyprus), and behind it is the representative of Israel Netta.

One of the original favorites – Alexander, to the surprise of many dropped to the eighth place, however, this does not mean that he is not able a second time to win the prestigious contest.

Special attention should be paid to the group DoReDos (Moldova), a song which he wrote for Philip Kirkorov together with the poet John Ballard. Their incendiary room conquered many semi-finals and now they need also to light today.

Special correspondent of “MK” Arthur Gasparyan for all days of the Eurovision song contest is in Lisbon on the final day will also pass from the scene exclusive footage and commentary. Well, our live webcast of this event will start at 22:00 Moscow time, don’t miss out!

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