In Cannes with the film, 87-year-old Godard left the audience

The 71 th Cannes film festival premiere of “Book of images” classics of French and world cinema, 87-year-old Jean-Luc Godard. While the younger filmmakers rejoice or be killed over whether they fit or not in the main film event of the world, massaged the egos and ambitions, he works in silence, knowing that all the festivals of the world – vanity of vanities.

His new film “the Book of images,” begins with pointing finger. But Godard does not teach anyone, just calls for silence. (Frame of film).

His new film “the Book of images,” begins with pointing finger. But Godard does not teach anyone, just calls for silence. Words are born of silence, as images, and the person must concentrate on the Essentials. It turned out a kind of essay on the topic “My XX century”.

Producers representing a picture in Cannes in the absence of the Director, understands that they work for eternity. No matter how takes the stage, it is important that one of the last of the gods of cinema continues to work. On December 3 he will be 88 years old, and he has not lost interest in movies, became free as never before. Barriers to Godard does not exist. He can do anything, just to fill the screen with colored flashes. Important his mind and let random viewers at the beginning of the session leave the cinema.

Flying carpet-the plane that carries the magic lamp of Alladin. Here is a TV report of the chief of the Arabic channel “al Jazeera”, depicting the horrors of the modern world, steeped in terrorism, and now the aquamarine sky over Saudi Arabia is shining in all its glory.

Godard all the time drawn to the images of St. Petersburg, which gives him no peace and are associated somehow with the first ball of Natasha Rostova. Young Lyudmila Savelyeva appears for a moment in the film “War and peace” by Sergei Bondarchuk, but it is still just flash memory, and for one frame replaces another, with the rushing cavalry in the battle scene of the novel. And again, the ball, where individuals do not see only the bright, pulsating points. Tombstone on the grave of Rosa Luxemburg, the young Gerard Depardieu, a reminder of the little Russian railway under frames from old French movie, traffic controller at the Brandenburg gate of Berlin defeated, footage from the films of Dovzhenko and Vigo are combined with the husky voice of Vladimir Vysotsky – this is the book of memory, page after page.

A year ago in Cannes showed a film “the terrible” (“Young stage”), Michel Hazanavichus about Godard period of the 1960s, when France was seething with student protests, and the Director was filming “a Chinese woman”. As if in protest against the very existence of such paintings were evacuated due to the detection of abandoned bags. Godard played by Louis Garrel. In the picture there are sex scenes involving the main character and we see him on screen naked.

October 5, 2017 in Paris on 71 year of life died after the cancer ex-wife of Hollywood actress with Russian roots from the princely family Vyazemsky on his father, Ann Vyazemskoe. Her mother was the daughter of French writer, Francois Mauriac. This memoir, “a Year later” Anne Vyazemskoe had written the screenplay Hazanavichus, the character of which it has become. They met with the Godard of the 60s, married 12 years, have worked together on six films – “Chinese,” “East Wind” and others. Ann Vyazemskoe received a Big prize from the French Academy for his novel “a Handful of people” about the Russian revolution

Godard himself now lives on the shores of lake Geneva in the small town of Rolle with its ancient castle, halfway between Geneva and Lausanne. Its population is less than four and a half thousand. Godard did not come to the Cannes film festival for the award three years ago, came to the premiere and now. Want to see the genius go in the Roll, maybe get lucky.

Interestingly, Hazanavicius wrote Godard a letter, and he asked me to send the script, and then no longer responded. And offer to watch the finished film was silent. So after the current premiere of “Summer” by Kirill Serebrennikov father of Viktor Tsoi spoke sharply, saying that the film has nothing to do with the fate of his son.

50 years ago the Cannes film festival was not held due to the outbreak in may, student riots, which resulted in mass strikes and riots that led to the resignation of President Charles de Gaulle. And now the country declared a strike that spoil the mood of some of the festival guests, especially those who have used the services of French airlines.

At the time of the legendary studencheskih riots, in 1968, the competition selected “Anna Karenina” by Alexander Zarkhi with Tatyana Samoylova starring. But due to the cancellation of the festival premiere on the French Riviera did not take place. Samoilov, first visited Cannes with our only film won the “Palme d’or” – “the cranes are Flying” Mikhail Kalatozov – 1958 (60 years ago), and then two years later with “the Unsent letter” Kalatozov, saw at the festival only in 1990, when she came over “a Palm branch” for achievements in film.

Watch highlights of the time, and immediately obvious how the world has changed. Now, on the Croisette, walking is not just an idle public, but entire squads of armed soldiers with machine guns, primed and ready. And at the entrance to the cinemas take any food and water. Each spectator goes through several levels of inspection, and if the bell button on the jacket, be prepared for scrutiny…

In the main competition showed “Sorry angel” by French Director Christophe honoré about the experiences of a Parisian writer, most of the time a vacationing young and fresh lovers, as well as former and already frayed life. In connection with this picture began a discussion about polyamory pairs coming to replace polygamous. About monogamy, it’s time to forget. It’s the last day. That is “at stake” couples that are open to third parties. Each person is free to choose the satellite, there may be several in parallel and in the same bed, and permanent cohabitant, if any, will accept it with understanding. Need the colours of life, and everyone has the right to receive them. Partners change, but don’t abandon each other and always have someone to hold you one last way. The child is quietly watching. He used my dad a lot of men, and the mother lives a parallel life, knowing nothing about the former wife. This is the philosophy of this elegantly made picture that instigated the public…

What is a real movie, before the power which passes a tired European cinema, showed the Chinese the genius of Jia zhangke. The main role in the film “the Ashes – the pure white” was played by the wife of the Director – a great actress Zhao Tao. No matter how much we say that the Chinese mentality is quite different, and we can’t understand him, the main character – kind of a Russian woman, is able faithfully to serve his beloved. She selflessly save him from death, when gangsters with a caliber smaller than himself, begins to thrash.

Rадр from the film “Ashes – the pure white”

After serving for the salvation of five years, she will not need your dear only one, but only from time to time. But when it will become useless in the infirmity, it will come back. And then again, hell and flight. The picture is just full of energy, in principle, inherent to the Chinese people, and on the part of depictions of industrial life, – Ke – a master. Have all chances to hope for a “Golden palm” and acting award.

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