“Journalists in Cannes, cool adopted a new Godard movie

Journalists took cool new film Jean-Luc Godard’s “Image and speech” (“Le Livre d’image”) is the main competition of the 71st Cannes film festival, the correspondent of “Interfax”. The premiere of the movie 87-year-old filmmaker was held on Friday at the same time with the press screening.

During the broadcast of 1.5 hour movies left the room about 30 critics, on the final credits the audience applauded feebly to the master of French cinema.

The film is a cutting of the frames of the previous paintings Godard and scenes from the tapes of world cinema. This is a reflection on the theme of war, death, revolution. Narration reads Director.

Kirtinagar entered the main competition at the Cannes film festival along with 20 other films.

71-th Cannes film festival will last until may 19.

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