NHL: Ovechkin, Kuznetsov, “Winnipeg” and “Vegas” make history

1) “Washington capitals” “Pittsburgh penguins” (account in a series – 4:2)

Well, that’s all! Puck Evgeny Kuznetsov in the sixth minute of overtime of the match No. 6 prepares the final victory the Washington capitals in the series with “the Pittsburgh penguins” – 4:2.

For the first time since 1998 the team reaches the Eastern Conference finals, where they will meet formidable “Tampa Bay lightning”. But more on that later.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

In the meantime, in fact, you should congratulate “capital” and personally Alexander Ovechkin. Monday Washington seemed to have taken a “shower of purification,” washed the frustration of recent seasons. A long nine years, beginning with drawing the 2008-2009 team could not beat “penguin”. Several times after that, when the clubs met in the second round, but nothing changed. But, the matches were better, the degree grew, I developed a real sense of confrontation, but the result stayed the same: went on a “Pittsburgh”.

And finally, this inglorious for the capital club tradition, managed to interrupt. In many respects, thanks to the incredible interaction Evgeny Kuznetsov and Alexander Ovechkin. The Russians in the last two meetings scored 6 points on two deciding the outcome of matches # 5 and # 6 in their favor, and as a result capturing and the whole series!

What is “Pittsburgh”? So here defeat seems, in General, a natural outcome, as the team compared to last season is not added, and their opponents looked more than convincing.

However, fans of “penny” is not to opt out of further games in the playoffs. In the end, you can cheer for their former player – Marc Andre-Fleury, which together with the “knights” went to the finals in the West.

2) “Nashville Predators” – “Winnipeg jets” (account in a series – 3:4)

Last night “the Winnipeg jets” in game 7 at Bridgestone Arena, beat “Nashville Predators” – 5:1. This allowed the canadian club for the first time in its recent history to reach the Western conference finals. There wards Paul Maurice will play with “Vegas Golden knights”.

Not for nothing they say – a Holy place is never empty! So here: the best team of the regular season (take away the title “capitals”), the finalist of last year’s Stanley Cup and the main contenders for the trophy this year – a fiasco in the second round.

No, not that I want to belittle the merits of “pilots”, who tried their best – no. But so badly to hold a final game – still need to try.

And, perhaps, the main culprit, final – 1:5 – Pekka Rinne. Guardian of the gate “Nashville”, frankly, does not Shine in the current Cup battles, occupying 12th place among all goalkeepers in the percentage of reflected throws (90.7 per cent) and the average number of missed goals per game (2,94).

But the Finnish Keeper managed to surpass himself and had probably his worst match in the playoffs. Curious conceding two goals in the first half of the first period of yesterday’s anti-hero, in the first period was sent to the bench. But this is still not changed the course of record, where the further continuation of the Banquet was ordered “to pilots” from Winnipeg.

Though “Nashville” and resigned as the top contender for the Cup, but it’s good. This once again confirms that in today’s NHL, any possible sensation. Because, let’s be honest – few people thought the poster of the Western Conference finals will be featured “Vegas” and “Winnipeg”. Lepota!

3) “Tampa Bay lightning” – “Boston Bruins” (the account in a series – 4:1)

Perhaps one of the most definitive series of the second round.

“Boston” a tedious seven-match ban after confrontation with Toronto was clearly not in the best condition. Though the courage and managed to catch the match №1, where on the road the bears achieved a victory – 6:2. But then it does not matter.

The Tampa showed a balanced and rigorous hockey, surpassing his opponent in the first place at game in equal structures. The prevalence in this aspect, has enough in five games to win its third appearance in the conference finals over the past four years.

In any case, players and fans, “Boston” don’t worry: the team had an excellent season and surely in the off-season is greatly increased. So, I expect the bears right conclusions.

But “Tampa” to fight in the finals of the conference elated from the success of the Washington capitals. Wow, this is hot!

4) “the Golden Vegas knights” – “San Jose sharks” (series score 4:2)

Despite the fact that the series between the “Golden knights” and “the shark” looked the most balanced until the seventh game so it never came.

In game 6, thanks to the excellent actions of Marc-Andre Fleury, who saved 28 shots and scored a shutout, “Vegas” could in his debut season in the NHL to reach the conference finals. Moreover, for the 33 -year-old ex canadian Keeper this shutout was the fourth in their last ten away games in the playoffs. The last time this achievement was submitted to Nicholas Khabibulina in the 2003-2004 season. Fantastic!

When we talk about the “Golden knights”, it is better all logic and analytical thinking to remove to the most distant shelf. There is a feeling, as if some unknown forces want to “Vegas” wins. I, of course, exaggerate, but how else to explain all the rods and all the mistakes of the players, “San Jose” in an extreme match at SAP Center.

Yes, the score 3:0 in favor of “the Golden knights”, perhaps not what he deserved, “sharks”. Especially when you consider what is happening on the ice in the first two periods, but I think it’s time to be measured is the year of the Golden knights.

In many ways, so it will be interesting to monitor the confrontation between “Vegas” – “the jets”, as in the beginning of the season both teams are considered dark horses, and now are surprising participants in the conference final. But both teams have done a completely different way to the finals.

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