Russia – Switzerland: online broadcast of the match of the 2018 world Cup hockey

In Denmark continues to gain momentum the 2018 world Cup of hockey, and today, may 12, your next match will hold the Russian team. The opponent of our national team will be the team from Switzerland. We’ll never get past this event and start our direct online broadcast at 21:15 Moscow time.


Break! Siren sounds that captures a goalless draw after the first period. The Russian team was frankly better, our players twice hit the post and once the crossbar, created a lot of chances, but the score is not opened.

So the fun is ahead of us – rest 15 minutes and go back to your seat!

20` the Last minute of the first period.

18` Datsyuk at close range failed to beat Burr!

17` and now Switzerland.

16` In full strength Russia.

15` a Bit of 4×4 play, the Swiss have balanced compositions of his violation of the rules.

14` Drums removed in two minutes.

12` Gavrikov brushes and threw from the blue line, but goalkeeper coped.

10` but what of that! Zaitsev throwing the ball against the crossbar!

9` the Loss at the exit from the zone, but with far throw easily beat Koshechkin.

8` failed our players to create a truly dangerous moment.

6 the removal of the national team of Switzerland.

4` dadonov intercepted the puck, fired a missile in the “house” goalkeeper, but she has once again landed into the goal post!

3` Gusev closed the chamber to counterattack and hit the post!

1` the Match started, poneslas!

0` According to tradition, start with the Russians:

Goalkeeper: Koshechkin (Shesterkin);

Kiselevich — Gavrikov, Gusev — Datsyuk — Whims;

Nesterov — Birds, Grigorenko — Anisimov — Buchnevich;

Yakovlev — Beregazzo, Dadonov — Andronov — Mom’s;

Tryamkin, Drums — Heels — Rascals, Mikheev.

0` Hello-Hello, ladies and gentlemen, big and small hockey fans! Welcome to the next match of the 2018 world Cup of hockey, which here-here will meet teams of Russia and Switzerland!

Russian national team successfully started his performance at the 2018 world Cup, starting with three crushing victories over France, Austria and Belarus. However, to continue in the fourth match of the Russians failed. The first meeting with a serious opponent – the Czech Republic – ended in the first defeat at the tournament for the wards Ilya Vorobyov.

In the asset of Switzerland at the world Cup three wins and one loss. The Swiss was stronger in Austria, Slovakia and Belarus, but lost is well known to us, the Czechs, and the shootout.

What is the outcome of today’s confrontation? Corrected for the defeat of the Russian team? The answers to these and many other questions we will know very soon! “MK” will begin live online broadcast of the match at 21:15 Moscow time, don’t miss out!

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