The Swedes refused to fly to the moon with Russia and China faster

Sweden took the decision to send your device to the moon by the Chinese space station, “Chang’e-4”. The reason is simple – it will fly before our “Moon-25”.


Initially it was planned that Sweden will send your device XSAN Russian station in 2019, it was specifically designed for her. However, rumors that the launch of our lunar lander may again be delayed, and also to offer the Chinese to launch their own “Chang’e-4” in 2018, the Swedes brought the idea to refuse our delivery and will agree to the proposal of the Chinese to install your device on their station.

According to RIA Novosti, in Russia it is a letter from the Swedish Institute of space physics, who made the XSAN. It was said that evropaci could not miss the opportunity to send their equipment early with the Chinese station because of the long wait our launch device is made more than 4 years ago, “it is unusable, as part of its parts will become obsolete, and to update the device in Sweden, not enough specialists”.

XSAN is designed to study the interaction of lunar soil with the plasma, and to search for water.

As explained “MK” the space research Institute, our scientists, of course, upset with the failure of the Swedish colleagues. However, without a device they hope to do – “Luna-25”, you can install the Russian devices, which will cope with the functions of XSAN.

After landing at the lunar South pole, the Russian station will search for water ice in this region.

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