Volokolamsk fired at going to the landfill “Sound” garbage truck

In the Moscow head office of the Ministry of interior reported that in the Volokolamsk district unknown fired at the truck, which was traveling on the ground “a Sound”. The driver was injured and was sent to the hospital.

photo: youtube.com

According to “Interfax”, the incident occurred in the afternoon on the Volokolamsk highway near the turn to the station Matrenino. Shots sounded from the nearby forest. Shot from an unidentified weapon. The driver was injured arm.

Now the police conducts operational search activities, also addressed the question on excitation of criminal case.

Apparently the shot was fired shotguns. Was also damaged the glass of the car.

According to some reports the driver refused hospitalization and after helping in Volokolamskaya CRB already released.

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