“Cool accepted in the Cannes film Godard came in first place in the rating of film critics

Film 87-year-old French Director Jean-Luc Godard took first place in the rating of film critics in Cannes, the correspondent of “Interfax”.

As follows from the rating of the journal Screen on Sunday, the film “the image and the speech” received an average score of 3 out of 5. The highest score he delivered criticism from Thailand and France. The smallest of France (Positif, France Culture).

New Godard movie is a cut from previous frames of his paintings as well as scenes from the tapes of world cinema. This is a reflection on the theme of war, death, revolution. Narration reads Director.

Culturemay 12 2018Павликовский and Godard: nostalgia, war and revolutionthe read more

Cool journalists adopted a new Godard film, which was shown at the festival on Friday, may 11. During the broadcast of 1.5 hour movies left the room about 30 critics, on the final credits the audience applauded feebly to the master of French cinema.

Second place with 2.9 points black and white film Cold war Pawlikowska – a love story singer and conductor, during the “cold war”. The action takes place in Poland, France, Yugoslavia and other countries. Also on the second line with the same rating is located Chinese painting “Ash is Purest White” about a girl gangster in China that, to gain it, forced to stay in prison, and on his return tries to find her lover.

The three of leaders closes “Summer” of Victor Tsoi Director Serebrennikov, who is in Russia under house arrest. The Russian film received 2.4 points. Three points to the film critics from Britain, Thailand, USA, France, Russia. One point ribbon awarded by critics from The Daily Telegraph.

Cannes film festival runs until may 19. In the main competition of the festival includes 21 films.

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