Ex-goalkeeper of the USSR national team surprised team Russia at the 2018 world Cup

Former goalkeeper of the USSR, bronze medalist of the world championship of 1966 Anzor, Kavazashvili shared his thoughts on the expanded list of candidates for the national team of Russia for participation in the upcoming world Cup.

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Anzor, Kavazashvili

— The weaknesses in us defense and offense. I watched all the test matches, which were conducted by the Russian team. The problem always occurred in the Central area, and when the attack Kokorin and Smolov could not give each other’s favorite left flank. They both used to play on the other side. In our team a long time ago no real attacking forward. Now Artem Dzyuba, for example, acts weak, but we have no frontline with a Russian passport, we have to include him — and so he is in all respects for our team is not suitable. To get into the national team, to strengthen it, we need to play better. Having talent, he lost. Being in this elite club, as “Zenith”, he could spin, and make it clear that he is one of the best centre forwards of our team. Unfortunately, he did not understand what the team is, so there had to pass it to rent in Tula. He and “the Arsenal” once tried, played well, and then in other matches again slowed down. Such a high-class player like him, needs to show good results constantly.

A few players invited from various foreign clubs. In the absence of a strong enough composition Cherchesov is forced to look for players in any international teams. I would not say that those boys who come to the national team from abroad, can significantly strengthen the position. There is nothing to talk about goalkeepers. Today the strongest goalkeeper in the Russian championship, of course, Akinfeev. Canan, Lunev and Gabulov good, experienced enough (especially the latter), but the main one hundred percent will be Akinfeev. In a final bid will get only three goalkeepers, so one of the called will be eliminated.

Please note, on the right flank of defense has Smolnikov and Fernandez, and the left — only Dmitry Kombarov. Look at Constantine the Raouche. School of European football gives him the opportunity to dispose of the ball in exceptional cases, when it is connected forward. He didn’t just shoot to shoot and looking for a partner for accurate pass to use any time to score.

You can call any name, but if after a thorough examination it will be found someone’s unwillingness to get physical, from the point of view of psychology, endurance, challenge these players will not be very clear. The world Cup in Russia requires us to maximum impact forces and capabilities. We are playing at home and the player of the national team should not only possess good technical skills, but also to be a visionary team, to lead her along, to change the formation during the match. Today we have these little.

Glushakov left in reserve. He and “Spartacus” has long played not as well as I would like. If you take last season’s “gold” teams — half to his credit. This year he could not get in shape. I’d like to find the second a player like Dennis who would always be under attack, to score and bring the team to victory. We now have in midfield does not.

Talented Golovin, with plenty of work. He’s a godsend for our football. But he’s not the main thing for the image of national team player — sighted calm. He does not see the situation, when you can take yourself, pretend to be a fool on the football field, imperceptibly for the opponent to get into the free zone, where no one is waiting. This young boy horse’s health. He works recklessly. It would be nice to be a rational player had still a clear mind. He is not offended me.

It’s a shame that can not enter into the mainstream Dzagoev. This talented boy was started very cool, but recently can not bring back the old skill and the ability to realize moments.

It would be nice to “light” Cheryshev. Ahead of Smolov showed that he deserves to be the leader of the attack. But this is not enough. If you were injured, together with Smolov, they would be well made. However, then there would be Dziuba.

In General, I have this list caused a lot of issues.

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