“Spartak” lost to “Dynamo” and CSKA missed out on second place in the Premier League online stream 30 round

On Sunday the regular season ends in the championship of Russia on football. The best team is already known. But for a place in the Champions League still need to be overcome. As for the right to stay in the Premier League for next season. The most interesting this day promises to be the Moscow Derby. “Spartaku” it is necessary to take second place, and “Dynamo” – to stay in the Premier League, and with some luck to play in European cups.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

So, in the Champions League from Russia next season definitely will play “the locomotive” and CSKA. “Spartak” – the blacksmith of his own happiness. Now red-white will get there through qualifying. In the UEFA Europa League group stage starts from the “Krasnodar”. “Zenith” and “Ufa” will play in sectionals. The Premier left “SKA-Khabarovsk” and “Tosno”. “Anji” will play play-off match for the right to stay in the first division with the “Yenisei” and “Amkar” – “Tambov”. Thank you to everyone who has followed the UPS and downs of this season of the championship of Russia! It was pretty hot.

“Spartak” – “Dinamo” – 0:1

CSKA – “Anji” – 2:1

Arsenal – Lokomotiv – 2:0

“Krasnodar” – “The Ruby” – 1:1

“Ufa” – “Tosno” – 5:0

“Zenit” – “SKA-Khabarovsk” – 6:0

“Amkar” – “Ahmad” – 0:0

“Rostov” – “Ural” – 1:0

90+6′ All. “Spartak” lost the decisive match!

90+5′ is Already Melgarejo went ahead. And he struck from outside the penalty area. But the ball fell into the hands of Shuninu.

90+4′ we Have five minutes added. Spartacus in bulk are at the gate “Dynamo”.

901′ Promes had a chance to score! He struck a roundhouse from the left corner of the penalty area! The ball hit win win.

88′ looks Like “Spartacus” closer to third place in the Premier League. CSKA match is already finished. Victoriously.

87′ Arsenal – Lokomotiv. In Tula Berkhamov scored. The score 2:0 in favour of gunners.

86′ In Moscow Lutsenko went one on one on the right. But Pasalic, prevented him to really break through, and the ball flew above the gate.

86′ “Krasnodar” – “Rubin”. In Krasnodar, the visitors leveled the score. Azmoun scored a header.

83′ “Ufa” – “Tosno”. But “Ufa”, apparently competing with Spartak for a large number of goals in the match. Zhivoglajdov made a double and made the score 5:0.

81′ Karasev just adamant. Spartacus is furious. Adriano fell in the fight against Holmen. But the replay shows that he was dropping the Brazilian.

81′ “Ufa” – “Tosno”. The Ufa is 4:0. Pawlewicz scored.

77′ Kombarov entered the field “Spartak”. He served in the penalty area and the ball, in his opinion, hit the defender’s hand, But Karasev did not indicate the “point” here.

77′ Zenit – SKA. And Erokhin draws poker. 6:0 in St. Petersburg. Exactly attack him, Stanislav Salamovich!

74′ Fernando, who had just entered the field, shot from outside the box! The ball flew under the crossbar, but Shunin parried the ball over the net.

71′ Another moment at gate “Spartaka”. The tashaev entered the penalty area from the right and shot it. I already have ribs in the jump could reflect the ball.

67′ And there is already could the Dynamo to score. Fedor Chernykh came on as a substitute. And has managed to escape the Rebrov’s goal on the left. He came to the front and shot. But none of them managed to get a pass. Then hits the left corner of the penalty Lutsenko. By. The feeling that Dynamo plays with the underdog PFL.

66′ What a chaotic game of “Spartak”. Even in defense easily give the ball to others players red-and-white.

62′ But hit the ball only the Dynamo. Now Panchenko struck from afar – Rebrov parried the ball aside.

61′ Here, and Spartak seemed to know the situation in another Moscow stadium and went on the attack seriously. But even to penetrate properly they are not allowed guests.

60′ CSKA – “Anji”. And CSKA again goes forward, and thus to second place in the table! For vitinho scored a long range shot struck the visitors ‘ goal.

59′, “Zenit” – SKA. And goals-then we both fell down! And personally Yerokhin. The hat-trick he did in the match against SKA. Maybe Alexander on the attack translate?

56′ “Krasnodar” – “Rubin”. And the bulls open an account. Pavel Mamaev scored. But CSKA are still in the Champions League, thanks to personal meetings.

56′ “Rostov” – “Ural”. As Aleksei Ionov scored for Rostov. Team Karpin leads.

53′ and now the bar rescues gate Rebrov! What’s going on in the defense of “Spartacus”? Lutsenko was closer to the penalty area and with the right shot. The ball at the arc, hit the crossbar and flew over the front.

53′ now Panchenko was ready to score! But the ball after his shot from the right was above the gate Rebrov.

51′ And “Spartacus” and in the second half, not the game. That attack red and white led to the counterattack of the guests. The tashaev fled and almost ran out one on one. But there Kutepov managed to defuse it.

50′ “Ufa” – “Tosno”. The Ufa is 3:0. Igboun scored.

47′, “Zenit” – SKA. Yerokhin does take. Here’s a list of players making the life-giving!

46′ the Second half began. Go!

– Hmm, something really bad “Spartak”. Yet he equally points with CSKA, who also can not on the home field beat “Anzhi”. With “Tosno” until we say goodbye. What else is interesting? Ufa occupies the sixth place granting the right to act in Euro cups. But this is now.

45+2′ the Spartacists were unable to organize a normal attack in the first half. Break.

45+1′ Two minutes added to the first half.

45′ And now “the Dynamo” has lost 100 percent of the time. Obvious second penalty, and there could earn Rebrov. He knocked in his own penalty Tasheva, who intercepted the ball in front of him – Karasev said nothing. Then Alexander gave the ball to the penalty area. There Panchenko struck, but the ball flew slightly above the gate.

41′ something “Spartak” completely hooked. Already attacking only the “Dynamo”.

38′, “Zenit” – SKA. And in St. Petersburg Erokhin has scored the third

35′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Lutsenko brought guests forward. In the lower right corner of the goal Dynamo, he struck. Rebrov guessed, but did not helped.

34′ And in our match penalty earned Dynamo! Kutepov was struck in the chest inside the penalty area to the opponent. Judge Karasev adamant.

33′ CSKA – “Anji”. In the case. A free-kick near the gate of Akinfeeva earned by visitors, and Arsen Khubulov implemented the standard. A draw, wow.

32′ “Ufa” – “Tosno”. Seems Parfenova closer to departure. The hosts are already with the account 2:0. Sysouev scored after a cross.

31′ In Moscow the Tashaev filed with a penalty kick, but the ball flew past everyone.

30′ “Ufa” – “Tosno”. Zhivoglajdov scored from the penalty. Hopefully the led.

29′ Arsenal – Lokomotiv. Dzyuba scored! In gate “Loko”! Are Tula.

26′ Then the corner, and Hanni headed the ball goalwards – the ball took an easy hand.

25′ Promes! That’s a dangerous shot on goal his shot missed! Dutchman after a pass from Adriano on the left, shot from right in touch at the far corner. Shunin saved from danger!

24′ And in the match of “Spartak” and “Dynamo” hardly has not scored Zobnin the gate of the former command. He went out the gate his shot missed and struck under parcelario. Goalkeeper fished the ball for a corner. Although the referee saw the offside from the Novel.

21′ Zenit – SKA. And here it is! Anton Zabolotny opened the score his goals for Zenit in official matches! He made the score 2:0 in favor of Zenit in the match against SKA.

18′ Promes struck over the crossbar.

17′ Spartak earned a free-kick the hosts.

12′ Dynamo received a yellow goats and Rykov.

9′ CSKA – “Anji”. And Musa scored the first goal for CSKA in the match with “Anji”. Lead the army.

6′ And in “Dinamo” now only the first meaningful attack had. Here are just a Tashaev lost the ball at the right angle of the penalty area.

5′ Zenit – SKA. And in St. Petersburg opened an account. Driussi scored the goal of the SKA. Perhaps, with Roberto Mancini will bid farewell to Petrograd on a high note.

3′ “Spartak” in attack. But it is not the owners of the ball under the blow.

1′ let’s Go! The match began in Moscow. We will monitor and for the other seven games of the decisive round!

Became known lineups for the match “Spartak” and “Dynamo”.

Spartak: Rebrov, M., Kutepov, Melgarejo, Zobnin, Samedov, Timofeev, Pasalic, Promes, Hanni, Luiz Adriano.

“Dynamo”: Shunin, Goats, Rykov, Sonic, Holmen, Rausch, Tashaev, SDA, Tetteh, Panchenko, Yuriy Lutsenko.

So, Spartak fighting for the second place granting the right to get into the Champions League directly. Heels should be CSKA, who needs to win today, “Anji”, if you want to get ahead of red-and-white in the event of the failure of “Dynamo”. Krasnodar, the host of today, “Rubin”, also can be in ligachampion the top three, but the bulls have needed a flash in the pan at once two Moscow teams. And its victory over Kazan. Sixth place in the competition can get “Ufa”, “Ahmad”, Tula “Arsenal”, the same “ruby” or “Dynamo”, which under certain circumstances can get in the play-offs for the right to stay in the Premier League. To avoid this fate, try also “Ural”, “Rostov”, “Amkar”. “Tosno” will fight for the right in these matches to get there, because now the winner of the Cup of Russia is located in the departures area – 15 line. To do this, the command of Leningrad region have to beat Anzhi

The red and whites have losses. Denis Glushakov and Pedro Rocha will not play with the blue and white. Also will miss the game Alexander Selikhov and long-injured Georgy Jikia and Jano Ananidze. Because of disqualification will not play Andrey Yeshchenko.

Dynamo will miss the part of Grigory Morozov, Ivan Temnikov and Anton Terekhov.

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