“The Prime Minister of Israel congratulated the singer Netta with a victory on “Eurovision”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated with the victory in the musical contest “Eurovision-2018” Israeli singer Netta (Netta, Netta Barzilai – if) and said that he is proud of the opportunity to take it next year in Jerusalem, wrote on Sunday The Times of Israel.

“In those days Jerusalem was lucky enough to receive many gifts. Another one we got last night with exciting and brilliant victory Netty. It’s a gift that Eurovision will come to Jerusalem next year and we will be happy to take it,” he said.

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The newspaper notes that Sunday’s government meeting, the Prime Minister opened with greetings of “Boker that” together “Boker tov” which in Hebrew means “good morning”. Israeli singer won with the song “Toy” (“Toy”).

Israel first won the competition in 1998. According to the rules of musical competition “Eurovision” next year holds, the victorious country. The choice of the city where the competition will be held at the discretion of the government.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin also congratulated the singer and said that the competition in 2019 will be held in Jerusalem. “Proud of you, dear Netta. Waiting for all in Jerusalem next year”, – he wrote on Twitter.

Knesset speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein also believes that the “Eurovision” 2019 will be held in Jerusalem. “Not only the Embassy move to Jerusalem, but the Eurovision song contest”, he said.

It is expected that on Monday will be opening a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, the transfer of which from tel Aviv President Donald trump ordered the end of last year. At the same time, he acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This decision was heavily criticized by the international community.

63-th international song contest “Eurovision-2018” took place in Lisbon (Portugal).

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