“The winner of “Eurovision” became the representative of Israel Netta

Second and third places went to the representatives of Cyprus and Austria

The winner of Eurovision-2018 NettaФото: epa/vostock-photo

The winner of the 63rd international song contest Eurovision-2018, held in Lisbon (Portugal), was a singer Netta (Netta Barzilai) from Israel with the song “TOY”.

According to the vote of the jury and the audience, the representative of Israel has gained 529 votes in the finals.

Second place went to a participant from Cyprus Eleni Foureira (Eleni, Furara) with the song “Fuego” with 436 votes.

In third place – Cesar Sampson (Cesar Sampson) – “Nobody But You” from Austria with 342 votes.

The singer Melovin with the song “Under The Ladder” took the 17th place.

Russian singer Yulia Samoylova are unable to get to the Eurovision final, having been eliminated in the semifinals.

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