“CSKA season-2018/19 home matches will hold in the arena of the “Park of legends”

The Moscow hockey club CSKA’s home matches will play in the arena “Park of legends” in the next five years, said the President of HC army Igor Esmantovich.

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“We made this decision in the first place, thinking about how to make a visit to the home matches of CSKA more comfortable for our fans in the existing realities. Our Palace on the Leningrad prospectus remains our relatives and loved ones and will hold their matches “Star” and “Red Army”, and continue to engage pupils of Children’s hockey school CSKA”, – quotes the words of Esmantovich press-service of HC CSKA.

“But the main team you have to play with a larger, modern arena. At the moment arena of the “Park of Legends” is the best in Moscow. She is compliant and not so long ago took the world championship. I hope that the new ice, we are obsessed with a lot of victories. Separately, I note that the move to the arena of the “Park of Legends” does not change our strategic plans to build a new Palace in Mnevniki” – said the President of the club.

Currently, the “Park of legends” is also the home arena of Spartak Moscow.

“Of course, will confuse the neighborhood with “Spartak”. But we do it for our fans who will be comfortable to attend matches at the modern stage”, – quotes the Esmantovich newspaper “Sport-Express”.

With the KHL season 2015/2016 VTB Ice Palace is the home venue for one more capital club – “Dynamo” and sports school. It is planned that from next season the Dynamo will host the rivals on “VTB-Arena”.

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