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Already the first game, albeit friendly, between the women’s teams of Russia and Brazil (1-1) gave to understand that the tournament promises to be spectacular and unpredictable. What else should the fans?

Rostrum Small sports “Sapsan Arena” in Cherkizovo here for almost a week as a riot of flags of the 21 countries. This is where you can study geography and foreign languages. England and Brazil, Bolivia and Belarus, India and Burundi, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan, Kenya and Liberia, Nepal and Mexico, Mauritius and Tanzania, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Philippines and United States of America, Egypt and Russia. 21 only one country. And each has its own unique culture, history and language that the children could have expressed in the stands of the Cherkizovsky stadium. And conducted a kids long time favorite Butstock, the unfailing talisman of the tournament “the Future depends on you” in 2011. He was the author of the first kick of the ball in the direction of the captains of all 24 teams: a sort of symbolic transfer from the organizers to the guests of the tournament.

Men are in Russia

By the way, each team volunteers from the Russian University of friendship of peoples. And on the first day they acted not only as translators but also as bearers.
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The composition of the groups of the world football championship among orphans “Future depends on you”


  •  Group “A” 1. Kazakhstan 2. Tanzania 3. Russia
  •  Group “B” 1. Bolivia 2. Mauritius 3. Mexico
  •  Group 1. Philippines 2. India 3. England
  •  Group “D” 1. Egypt 2. Brazil 3. USA


  •  Group “A” 1. Pakistan 2. Uzbekistan 3. Russia
  •  Group “B” 1. Belarus 2. Egypt 3. Liberia
  •  Group 1. Brazil 2. Indonesia 3. Burundi
  •  Group “D” 1. Kenya 2. Nepal 3. Tajikistan

— This is my second tournament with the “MegaFon”, and I am grateful to your company and your country for the opportunity to participate in the world championship, — says the student of the 2nd year students of the faculty of PFUR Gomes Vieira da Costa from exotic to us Guinea-Bissau. (Gomes serves as a translator for the Brazilian team). — We have with Brazil single language: Portuguese. And I was lucky to work with them, because Brazilians are a people who can not live without the jokes and dances. Worried about them during a match can not find a place, so worried. How did I get to study? Chose from universities of Russia and China. First came the call of your country, who had studied my father Manuel. Now he is a politician. He said to me: “I Want to become a real man? So go to Russia. You’ll do it.” Followed his father’s advice. Going the legal path to become a lawyer or a judge. As we do with human rights? (Smiles.) Yes you yourself know everything, I think. As in the rest of Africa. The work of our generation in this direction, no end.

On the women’s tournament our country here are girls zubtsovsky orphanage. Their first international experience. As often happens, not without curiosity.

Form us size small issued, shares purely female experiences Director of zubtsovsky children’s home Natalia Zhuravleva. The girls were nervous: after all, they, like women, want to look well-dressed!

Don’t know what’s invented a zubtsovskiy fashionista, but the shape sat on them as the cast. Coach Valery Anatolyevich Indeed set up the wards in the first place to fight: compete with kudesnica the ball in the technique is hopeless.

And the first minutes of the match passed with overwhelming advantage of Hispanic women. Led by their captain Melo de Souza Taisou, they repeatedly threatened the goal a wonderful goalkeeper of Russians Dasha Smirnova. But averted the threat. Have zubtsovskiy girls in the first half there was only one chance to score, but the team leader Sonia Minkevich missed from close range.

In the second half, after a light scolding from Valeria Indeea Russians played differently. Gone trembling at the knees, a good sports rage. And one by one began to create chances. Our attacking Sonia Boriskova, which though one of the youngest in the team, but the captain finally began to cling to ahead of the ball. Have a partner to attack Sony Minkevich cut and technique and stroke. Several of her passes latina rudely interrupted and got the first yellow card. It seemed, here-here will score but the opposite happened. Came out refreshed in stock Taisa, and after stuffing out of the ball clearly struck his head in the corner of our bewildered for a moment the goalkeeper Dasha Smirnova. 1-0.

But in less than a second after the referee’s whistle, as Sonia Minkevich smashing shot to center field was caught by surprise by the Brazilian goalkeeper. 1-1. Who gave her such a blow?

— It nobody put, it just kinda appeared all of a sudden — smiles flattered Sonia. — Was born with the ball? It says loudly. To football been doing other kinds of sport: Sambo and athletics. Wrestling, I agree, not the female species, but in terms of self — defense- what you need. Thanks to Valeriy Anatolievich, to his credit. But then I realized that Sambo is still not my thing, prefer football.

Today, we will win!

After a few minutes our girls openly fought back against waves of Brazilian attacks, but still waited. This draw, they met as a victory, hugs and tears. But the captain Sonya Boriskova quickly put a stop to these touching emotions: “Girls, not yet!”. And within seconds our girls gathered in a mighty heap and shouted its long-standing motto: “today We will win!”

— Brazil did not disappoint, says happy Daria Racila. They are very skilful, pressed us in the first half. But in the second we gave them a fight.

— No, we are absolutely not disappointed with the result, in turn, said team captain Taisa. — Russian girls fought well and deserved this draw. We are gearing up for the next matches. Because we came to Russia only for victory. Last year we played here at your wonderful event. It’s really cool to play, all great organized. But to come here, we’ve been a serious competition in Brazil. From last year’s squad we have here seven people. And a couple girls had to strengthen us.

The fact that the team zubtsovsky children’s home represented at the world Cup, the full merit of Valery Anatolyevich Indeea, among other things, recognized as the best coach among the orphanages and boarding schools according to the Russian football Union. First he infected the football boys, and then pulled up and girls. Yes! Defeated all in Russia and came to the world Cup.

Is very large for all of us an event that happens probably once in a lifetime, says Indeed. — Only positive emotions: train, prepare, and know that opponents are going to be really serious. Some Brazilians are worth. I think that players in some teams individually are stronger than our girls. But, then, we must take the others: team play! Convey to his players that played not for themselves but for the team. As it was in the qualifying tournament in Moscow at which we have extracted the permit on the world championship.

— The team we accept children from 11 years and drive them for ten years before reaching 21 years, told about conditions of the organization of football activities for orphaned children one of the coaches of the Brazilian team Jessica Mandara. — We try to get them out of dangerous areas of Brazil, where it blooms drug addiction and gangsterism. Football really saves many children from the pernicious influence of the street. A favorite millions game our children gain the meaning of life. Here they arrived in Moscow, I saw a new city, other people, gained a lot of positive emotions. Now back in the favela, they just don’t want to. While we play, participate in tournaments like one big family, yet we are all United by a common idea, football, these girls were not in danger. Yes, in Brazil is something like the Russian orphanages. For example, in Rio de Janeiro. But these houses are so miserable, there is so much poverty and terrible conditions that the children just run away from there, choosing the street. As for our girls, they live with their parents, go to school. Just all the free time they have is football.

Head coach of Russia on football Stanislav Cherchesov

— Grateful for the invitation to the Grand opening of your wonderful tournament, says the coach, who on this day had yet to announce an expanded list of the national team at the FIFA world Cup 2018. In all the countries represented here at the tournament I was in. And everywhere I was greeted warmly. I am sure that Russian hospitality, the participating teams will enjoy. Russia — a country that is able to accept any complex organization tournaments, and her guests will always be comfortable. In a month our country will host the world Cup. And who knows, maybe with this tournament for some of these children will begin the path to big-time football, and we’ll see them at the world championship as the players of their national teams.

General Director of OJSC “MegaFon” Sergey Soldatenkov

— In Moscow, first met youth teams from 21 countries. Hosting such a huge festival like the world Cup, for us, as organizers, and our entire country a great honor.

For our company tournament “the Future depends on you” is not only a social project. I can say without exaggeration that this is part of our life. This year the company “the Megaphone” it is 25 years, 13 of which we inspire boys and girls to open themselves in football. During this time from the regional competition have become global events.

After a month in Russia, the start of the world Cup FIFA 2018. In the field of Russian stadiums will be the stars of world football. But before that, real class here for almost a week show our young talents. I am sure that our tournament was a good start to a great football feast. The winner of our competition is also waiting for the Cup Champions, and with it, maybe, and world fame. So I want to thank all the people, partners and organizers for making this dream for thousands of boys and girls.

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