Astronauts on the ISS will play soccer in zero gravity

In honor of the world Cup, the cosmonauts and astronauts aboard the ISS will play in football. This was during a preflight press conference, said Russian cosmonaut Sergei Prokopiev, who is flying to the International space station will have less than a month.


Russian cosmonaut Sergei Prokopiev, German astronaut Alexander Gerst and American Serena Aunon 6 June 2018 will go to the ISS as part 56/57 crew of the station and will host 187 days. At the station they meet a Russian Oleg Artemiev, Americans Andrew Feustel and Richard Arnold.

The final part of the 21st world Cup FIFA will take place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018, that is, starts shortly after astronaut and the astronauts will be aboard the ISS. Russia for the first time in its history will host the world football championship and will be the first Eastern European country in which he ever held.

Naturally, specialists will make every effort to ensure that the game does not hurt the established on the station equipment, however, a small symbolic “football match” in weightlessness, it is, in the opinion of the Russians, not hurt. Prokopiev said that the station already has a soccer ball and equipment that will allow it to pump.

The championship cosmonauts and astronauts will have the opportunity to see not in the record, as it was before, and live, if the time that will be assigned to the game will be released in the framework of the work schedule of the crew of the International space station.

Prokopiev also said that he signed with a German colleague Alexander Gershom bet — if in the course of the championship of Russia will meet Germany on the pitch and won, Gerst will draw on his forehead of the Russian flag, if such a meeting takes place, but the victory of Germany, Prokopiev’ll shave my head.

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