“Russia defeated Slovakia in the match of world Cup hockey

In the group she has cut adrift of leaders Sweden, which will play may 15


– The national team of Russia on hockey victory over the national team of Slovakia in the match of the sixth round of the group stage of the world Cup.

The meeting, held on Monday, ended with the score 4:0 (2:0, 0:0, 2:0) in favor of the Russians. Their composition is distinguished by Maxim Mamin, Nikita Gusev, Maxim Shalunov, Ilya Mikheev.

Thus, the national team of Russia scored 16 points and is in the group And second place. At one point it lags behind leading Sweden, where she will play may 15. Beginning at 21:15 GMT.

Below second place team of Russia will not fall, because four points for the tour to finish the group stage ahead of occupying third place Czech Republic.

With regard to Slovakia, it takes the fifth place (8 points).

The world Cup takes place in Denmark.

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