“The picture of Godard gave primacy to the rating of film critics in Cannes Japanese movie

– Japanese movie “Shop thief”, Hirokazu Koreeda shifted the picture of Jean-Luc Godard from the first place of the rating of film critics in the main competition of the 71st Cannes film festival, the correspondent of “Interfax”.

As follows from the rating of the journal Screen in the neck, Japanese painting received an average score of 3.2. Above all, it praised critics from Britain and the United States.

New movie 87-year-old French Director Jean-Luc Godard’s “Image and speech” occupies the second place in the rating of film critics (3 points).

The third place with 2.9 points divided “Cold war” Paul Pawlikowska, Chinese painting “Ash is Purest White” and Italian “Happy as Lazzaro”.

Cannes film festival runs until may 19.

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