Vladimir Ponomariov: “Ignashevich should help the national team. It is necessary to persuade Vasily Berezutsky”

Ended the regular season in the Russian football Premier League. What was it and what is your impression? The leaders and the return of Sergei Ignashevich in the Russian national team we talked to the permanent expert “MK”, semifinalist of the world Cup 1966, Vladimir Ponomarev.

photo: Evgeny Semenov


— Well done! Won the title for a long time this went on. Lost To Arsenal? Okay… Is it just to win the championship? For the match against Arsenal can be put back-up players: let the youth play. I think Yuri Semin is still not right, sent to play basis. But maybe he didn’t want to offend fans. A lot of it’s audience, full stadium. Of course, I wanted to look at the main players…


— The team spent the season as “excellent”. Large losses in the first team coaching staff managed to find inner reserves to compensate for these losses. It’s great that allowed youth — Kuchaeva, Chalova… Still have a couple of people on the way to the Foundation. The last game I liked especially. It was obvious the desire of the players to spend the game well and win. The guys fought to the end, never for a moment relaxing in attention neither in defense nor in attack. The second place of CSKA — a great merit of the players, coaching staff and club President Yevgeny Giner Lenorovitz.

Left Pontus Wernbloom —well… He played his, he squeezed out all that you can. More he never will play, I think. But it happens in football: played, earned the money — and goodbye! But no resentment at the army club he can not be.

It can not be replaced by anyone. This is a unique player. Another such never will. Pontus rowdy, stubborn, nasty on the field. He is not the shore, completely gave the game. Guys it equaled. However, it was worth the money that he received. So no change is necessary. Everything goes according to plan. The team plays nice fluid football. Probably the hard way too, there are good boys — let it grow, overact. It’s up to the coach. Another thing, of course, possible care Berezutski and Ignashevich. That really would have been a waste.

Ignashevich, of course, to persuade was hard: still 39 almost human. He’s a unique player. I would like to not only Sergei, but the brothers have played in the world Cup. Of course, it is difficult to focus on the game — it’s just that it seems that the soccer playing robots, tin soldiers. No, before the match the players can not sleep, every moment replayed in my head, in order to avoid mistakes. And, of course, the machine turns on.

Again, the team spent the season very well.


— The now ex-champion “burned”. I assumed it would be, remember? The Dynamo in any case could not give the red-and-white three fundamental points in the last round. At the end of the season “Spartak” got in the wrong lane. Everyone plays for himself, no team play…


In the fourth place of “Krasnodar” is no surprise. The team has always performed very well. After the resignation of Shalimov, the team was already on edge, the lineup is complete. Everything went on the thumb. If only was not injured, and the rest — but worked out. So they worked!


— Absolutely in the case of St. Petersburg flew to fifth place. Honestly, good riddance! Games no no. The entire second half of the season, nothing interesting from them was not: in his own way — and back, and ahead, as “Spartak”. Drawn swords and drove.

A lot of ambition and spirit to fight there. One plays and the other doesn’t care. Such athletes psychology is nothing you can do. They need to keep in check…


— In the “Ufa” works knowledgeable person. I have always been convinced that Sergei Semak will become something. He’s a smart, thoughtful trainer. Don’t know whether it will pull “Zenit”, while walking in the candidates. But I will go there myself — that’s the question. Maybe it is a little early, you can’t dive in the deep end. Necessarily need to calculate everything. Not sure – don’t go. If something fails, will peck.

Call Sergei Ignashevich in the team

It means he heard us Cherchesov. The question is whether Ignashevich play, for example, Kutepov. Need to persuade Vasily Berezutsky.

I think he will agree. Will play in a pair of Ignashevich. Now soccer is not fast, the defense can play up to a hundred years. This was a crazy speed, had to breathe with gills. Now normally only need to correctly guess the position correctly and think on the football field, to anticipate the situation. It’s Ignashevich and Berezutsky, so that everything will be fine.

The main Central defenders. Extreme to pick up easier. Play four at the back — that’s the best option. Right, that would be Mario Fernandes, and the left — Dmitry Kombarov (he was in “the list of 35”, but the training session in Austria is not going, is in the reserve). Just need to arrange them rationally: to Mario is not so much connected to the attack, and was mainly performed their responsibilities of defense counsel. The same goes for the left flank. The Ignashevich anything to not need help. He is experienced and can handle it. Its role is to act personally on the player, and in a certain area.

In defense to do almost nothing, if you play in advance. So the coaching staff decided absolutely correctly. Ignashevich can help the team.

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