Actress Zakharova couldn’t hold back the tears: finalists of the recitation contest

May 15, in the Crimea was held the final of all-Russian competition of reciters “Live classics”. For the right to act on red square in day of the birth of Pushkin June 6, fought 18 children were selected from 2.5 million students from all regions of Russia. Each contestant had 3 minutes to read an excerpt of their prose and to convince the audience and strict jury of his sincerity and acting talent. Most of those present were surprised by the selection of works that young talents chose to read from the stage.

The jury of the most famous literary contest of the country became the rector of the University Grigory Zaslavsky, the national actor of Russia Andrey Sokolov, movie and theatre actress Elena Zakharova and children’s writer Andrey Usachev. The judges were to choose from the 18 contestants of the 10 best guys deserve to play in red square in the Grand final.

– It was very difficult to determine the best, because all the guys who are in the final, very talented, they are already winners, – said Andrey Sokolov. – My heart bleeds when I realize that some of the contestants had to leave behind. Of course, in many respects played the role of a case, after all the participants were worried they’re children. I noticed that this year the repertoire has become more diverse. If earlier the competition was mainly dominated by a military theme, we now take and tales, and fiction, the choice of material has become more free children’s, which is very pleasing.

– I evaluated the contestants according to the response of the soul, sometimes everything converges at once – and the material chosen, and the charm of child, and his artistry. If what a child reads touches me laugh, brings tears, that is an emotion, it is probably the most important thing. In this case, anyway, it all comes down to acting skills. But children do not need to assess as artists, but rather to pay attention to their sincerity, naturalness, a sense of how they feel the text. I can say that when he played Michael Nepip from Sebastopol, I could not hold back tears – explained his choice of Elena Zakharova.

Two contestants managed to qualify for the highest evaluation of the jury in the final. The main star of the project this year was a 7 grader Michael Nepip from Sebastopol, touching the entire audience to tears with his heartfelt reading of the work of Boris Ganago “Letter to God” about a little boy who lost his mother. Despite the fact that Michael childhood suffering from serious disease, it did not prevent him from becoming one of the best at the main school literary contest in the country. “I chose this piece because it is very sincere, immediately touched me, I wanted all of this to share,” – said the boy.

In addition, the highest rating of the jury failed to earn the 9-grader Valentina Loginova from the Samara region, has read the work of Yevgeny Lazarev “bride and Groom”. “I’m a fifth year participating in the contest, and finally managed to reach the final. Of course, in many ways, I was helped by the fact that I am engaged in theatrical Studio,” said Valentine.

The audience award, the winner of which was determined by the strength of the applause in the hall, got one of the youngest participant 11-year-old Lisa Hvostikova of Krasnodar region with a piece of plastic, Aganan “tiny”.

This year the competition was attended by a record number of students, in addition, I was very surprised this time the repertoire of children, – said the President of the Foundation “Living classics” Marina Smirnova. – The purpose of this project, including the extension of the readers ‘ horizons to the children read and learned new things, outside of the school curriculum. Our readers onstage, as if to broadcast to other young viewers: read Marquez, read Iskander, read Asimov. This year a variety of texts, was very large: and Astafiev, and Shukshin, and Bondarev, and a huge number of modern authors, and it’s great.

Help “MK”: The largest children’s literary contest “Live classics” was first held seven years ago in St. Petersburg. At the moment the project has involved more than 10 million students from 85 regions of Russia. Within the contest students from 10 to 17 years old compete in the recitation of passages from prose works. During competitions the guys go through several stages: school, district, regional, qualifying stage, semifinals, finals and the Grand final on red square.

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