Alice Cooper told how he gets along with johnny Depp

In 2015, the actor johnny Depp, a guitarist and one of the founders of Aerosmith, Joe Perry, along with the great and terrible Alice Cooper decided to start a rock band, of course — doomed to success. Called it “The Hollywood Vampires” in honor of a famous drinking club ‘ 70s. the band released their debut album, which also featured Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Christopher Lee and Joe Walsh. The first concerts were held in Los Angeles, and then “vampires” were in new capacity to meet with the public of various countries, among which was Russia. Taking this opportunity, “MK” talked with Cooper about the history of the team, the trends in contemporary music and the ambitions of the star trio.


– Alice, tell us how and why you came up with the idea to collect such insane super-group? You got together for fun, or you just had some Napoleonic plans?

– We have always lived in one world, interested in same things, close friends, were mad by the same artists as Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin. And at some point we came up with the idea, why not create a team that, coming to the site, would return the public atmosphere of rock clubs in the 1970s. It was very cool, musically bright time, to forget that absolutely do not want. Well, since this is a story from the past, there was the allusion to “the vampires” (laughs). Those heroes whom I have called, immortal as their music as we are. Well, speaking of professionalism, Joe Perry is a fantastic guitarist, johnny is one of the best modern actors, in addition, he has always been close to music, but as a drummer I was invited to join the party my group Glen Sobel. He’s number one in the world. So the puzzle is fully formed.

– Each of you — has its own charisma, bright personality. Is it easy for several leaders to get along in a team? Are there any disputes, conflicts?

We, of course, debated, discussed some ideas, sometimes argue, but not like quarrels and scandals. First, each of us is in place and able to Express herself. We absolutely have nothing to share. We are no longer children who are just beginning to study music and suffer youthful maximalism. On the other hand, we have the children’s enthusiasm. Come together was our voluntary decision. We get great pleasure from this experiment, on the one hand, doing what I can, with another — still trying something new. Besides, we are busy people with a lot of parallel projects. For example, I have in April was the premiere of a new staging of the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar”, where I play Herod, and we went with a large tour America with my team. In General, the time for rehearsal before the concert capital wasn’t very much, and it was very important to concentrate on the process to manage for a short time to prepare as well as possible. I hope we have succeeded.

Alice, you started to make music in a completely different era. You feel like time has changed the trends?

– Very much. Today I miss real rock and roll. The mass audience listens to more pop music, is becoming increasingly relevant in hip-hop, and I can’t say that I like it. I play rock n ‘ roll, know what it is, and I think that rock music is the most powerful energy. Nothing like the sound of guitar riffs, drum solos. This culture gave rise to a huge number of titans, and it should evolve. I have the feeling that some of the young guys as if not strong enough. I want to believe that after all they are not blown away and will continue to gain momentum.

– “Vampire” show is clearly built setting, or you leave space for improvisation?

– We have everything under control in the technical sense, and of course there is a certain backbone of the program, but, as I said, we do perceive the events as an experiment. You never know what he will bring, what will be the next performance, and this sense, the severity of the emotions are expensive. The people in the audience also expressed these emotions.

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