Anatoly Byshovets: “the Leader of the team should be Cherchesov”

In attempting to collect the symbolic team at the end of the championship the Premier League pretty quickly come to understand that the proportion of foreign players in this team it turns out indecently big. And it’s despite the fact that we found the same spot on the field missed almost all of spring football Alexander Kokorin. And throw in the fact that in addition to the exhibition at the world Cup, just will not play for the Russians and Igor Denisov, and it turns out that collections in our team Stanislav Cherchesova and his coaching staff interesting is that Akinfeev Yes Smolov.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

A little dispelled our fears and resident expert, “MK” — the trainer-the winner of Olympics in 1988 Anatoly BYSHOVETS, who said that, given the proximity of the home of the world championship, sees no point in evaluating the actions of foreign players in the Premier League. That settled the matter. In the end, Anatoly got his team composed solely of players included in the extended composition of the national team Russia at the world championship. And we, in turn, formed the team of the Premier League-2017/18, not paying any attention to the nationality of the players. The only rule we were not allowed to take players from the team Anatoly Byshovets.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Goalkeepers: Akinfeev and 15 spare

“MK”: the Position of goalkeeper is traditionally the most trouble-free in the team, due to not only the power of the national goalkeeper school, but a confident game in at least the past decade, Igor Akinfeev. Goalkeeper of CSKA does not give reason to doubt our own high class, and his extensive international experience makes the candidacy of Igor in fact indispensable to such major tournaments. However, the team of “MK” we Akinfeev to take could not and opted for the goalkeeper with the best statistical indicator of the League for goals conceded on average per match goals — Andrei Lunev.

Byshovets: “just note that my star team worthy of almost all the players whose names have hit the extended list invited to the national team before the world Cup. But with a goalkeeper it’s pretty clear. Igor Akinfeev — solid number one.”

Protection: experience vs operational readiness

“MK”: If on the flanks of defence of the Russian national team the variability of the coaching staff has in its center the choice is very modest. But we, unlike our famous expert and Stanislav Cherchesov, is not limited to players with Russian citizenship and all positions in defence can safely delegate to the legionaries. The best Central defender of the season in the Premier League, of course, is to recognize Solomon Kvirkvelia. It is difficult to guarantee that he would be the best at his position, not drop out due to injuries for a long time, Vedran Corluka and Georgy Jikia, but at the end of 30 rounds the Georgian defender worthy of the title of best Central Oboronna championship.

Both flank protection give experienced Zenit Bronislaw Ivanovich and Domenico criscito. These two players are not only quite productive in attack and are the true leaders, but rather universal. And Ivanovic and criscito had played a lot of matches “Zenith” on the positions of the Central defenders, and this versatility did not go to the detriment.

Byshovets: “the team is not 11 players and a group of spare, as a single team. Here, if the player is not in our basis, we cannot say that at the world championship waiting for him as backup. I am sure that very useful and in demand may be at the world Cup, skill and experience Alexander Samedov, Yuri Zhirkov, Sergei Ignashevich.

Trauma passed over Ruslan Kambolov, who is, apparently, the coaching staff saw in the first team, led to forced recruitment replacements. I believe that a company in the centre of defence of the Kazan played a couple of Grenades — Kudryashov will be either Sergei Ignashevich, or Ilya Kutepov.

On the flanks there are experienced Samedov and Zhirkov that will help in the moment, but I still see Constantine the Raouche, which held a decent season in “Dinamo”, and Mario Fernandez. Army, the Brazilian missed a lot this season due to injury, but in the last match in his game seen very decent potential.”

Midfield: creative players missing and no reliable

MK: we Have, unlike the Byshovets, a selection of classic half-backs were quite rich. Here the champion and the captain “Loko” Igor Denisov, and the main station wagon of the Premier Pontus Wernbloom. And iron Inside if necessary, could call for our symbolic banners. As a result, the space in the holding area took the first two. For the position of “a striker” define the best player of the first part of the championship — Fernandes. On the left flank of the attack we send the best player of the championship of the Quincy of Promesa and the right flank farmed out brilliantly stared to injury Alexander Kokorin.

Byshovets: “I Think that in the group of Central Midfielders has to have a place for Golovin, Zobnina, Miranchuk brothers, Daler kuziaev’s. At the same time everyone will not be released, but these players in addition to belonging to one generation unite some General football base versatility on the field, a high level of operational readiness. Who will be the team leader? This role needs to take on the head coach. Much will depend on the organization of the game the team as a whole.”

Attack: just not the film

MK: the film is not left out of the team, but count on the basis Artem is quite difficult. Obviously the coaching staff sees a variety of combinations of forwards and attacking Midfielders, but there is a suspicion that in this list the option of a simultaneous appearance on the pitch of the headlights and Smolov is not a priority. Artem most likely waiting for the fate of reserve, as the big striker rational to get out of the sleeve when you need to recoup and ready to strike. Simply put, the sniper Arsenal if they appear in the national team, only if you want to win. Stanislav Cherchesov has already tested almost all the possible combinations in the previous games, it was clear that the coach will soon release the second striker Aleksey Miranchuk than Artem Dzyuba.

Byshovets: “CSKA Moscow — our main strike force, but I think that Dziuba has all the chances to get a at the world Cup his playing time. Artem, this is obviously very good motivated. His game, his zeal in the “Arsenal” he has earned an invitation from Cherchesov. Crucially, a combination of players in attack: quality, creativity, speed of implementation, these components need to be brought to a common denominator, to avoid bias”.

Figure of the season

3 353 014 spectators visited the matches of the Premier League season-2017/18, which is an absolute record of the Championships of the country. On average, each match of the past season was graced by 13 971 the fan. The previous record belonged to the season-2007, when the Premier League visited 3 147 567 viewers (an average of 13 115 per match).

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