Biologists carried out the first “transplant memory”

Experts from the University of California at Los Angeles conducted an experiment in which through injecti RNA has forced the snails to “remember” about never happen to them events. In any case, being in a certain situation, laboratory animals behaved as if this happens with them for the first time.


Experts have subjected the snails to the weak level of electric current ten times. Temporary promejutok between the fifth and sixth shock was 24 hours, the rest — for 20 minutes. Snails that did not participate in the first part of the experiment, the touch electrodes caused muscle contraction, which lasted only one second, but those things which experience has taught to expect the shock, the reaction lasted for fifty seconds.

After this, the scientists extracted some RNA from snails, which electrocuted and introduced them to those who did not share it. As a result the muscles of animals that do not have their “own” memories of electric rasadah also started to decline in 40 seconds. Thus, together with the RNA, scientists were able to transplant some of the snails to other conditioned reflex.

Experts suggest that similar experiments in the future will allow you to restore the memories of people and change them — let the second sounds like a premise for a dystopian novel, scientists believe that sometimes this could maintain the mental health of the survivors of a traumatic event.

Scientific work about the results, was published in the journal eNeuro.

Two years ago was published another study, also dedicated to the study of methods of “manipulation” memories (albeit somewhat more natural in nature). Researchers from Princeton University and Dartmouth College have noticed that human memory is largely based on chains of associations. As stated, this can be used to to a certain extent erase the memory, if not to keep in mind other associated with it.

Recently, experts from the University of southern California, said that they were able to successfully implant a brain chip, and improves memory.

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