Called the unexpected benefits of alcohol in small doses

Today, many experts believe that even small doses of alcohol can bring more harm, than good. However, scientists are aware that completely ban alcohol or fast to convince all people to give them up is hardly possible. As shown by a recent study in this situation, drinking alcohol in small portions has an important advantage.


Scientists from the UK representing the University of Sheffield and University of Liverpool, wanted to check if the person drinking is generally lower if the alcohol he was served in small glasses. Although at first glance such a relationship may seem obvious and undeniable, the experts took into account that, theoretically, the reduction in volume may lead to increasing the portions. In this case, the person could drink as much or even more.

To check how the situation is in fact, scientists have conducted a series of experiments involving 278 people. One participants were served standard portions of alcoholic beverages, and others reduced by about a quarter. As it turned out, participants who received a smaller amount of liquor in each mug or glass, drink them less and in General.

Experts expect that the reduction in the quantities of alcohol served in bars, will allow people to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed and thereby contribute to an increase in the duration of their lives.

The study was published in the journal Addiction.

Among the negative consequences of drug and especially alcohol abuse scientists refer to the emergence of excess weight, diabetes , cardiovascular disease and dementia, and in some cases even the degradation of internal organs. Recently, the American experts came to the conclusion that people who consume more than hundred grams of alcohol per week, on average, live much less, than those who completely or almost completely avoids alcohol.

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