Died one of the founders Tеатра.doc Elena Gremina

The wife died April 1, artistic Director Театра.doc Mikhail Ugarov Elena Gremina went after her husband. This morning she died in a hospital in Moscow at the age of 61 years.

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According to the portal “MBH Media” on Wednesday in a hospital in Moscow from kidney of heart failure died playwright Elena Gremina. This was confirmed by the publication of her rodstvenniki.

She was the leader and one of the founders Театра.doc the author of the plays “Hour eighteen” – to the memory of Sergei Magnitsky, “Two in your house”, which was nominated for the award “the gold mask”.

We will remind that on April 1 of a heart attack, the husband died Elena graminei, artistic Director and founder Театра.doc. Mikhail Ugarov.

Artistic Director of “school of modern drama” Joseph Raihelgauz after the death Ugarov said in an interview with “MK”: “Yes, in their theatre it was possible to see the performance then better, then worse, but you certainly have always understood that they were going to incredibly topical show — documentary, highly correlate with reality. With what is happening on the street… And even scary for them sometimes — what kind of texts they were uttered. But uttered! And saying them with conviction, Misha was right. And here’s the thing — it wasn’t fed!”

Театре.doc for the funeral of Michael Ugarov has announced the collection of money to pay a very heavy amount of commercial Troekurov cemetery — 740 thousand rubles. In the absence of the deceased merits before the state denied him a free seat, where are buried the parents of his wife, her father is a unique writer Anatoly Grebnev, who died under the wheels of the car.

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