Gave 10 thousand in Moscow wanted “grateful” the maniac who kidnapped the girl

The cunning pedophile who may 14 abused 10-year-old girl in the cabin of his car in the suburban Orekhovo-Zuevo, searching for police officers. In parting, the villain gave the victim two Bank cards, a beautiful purse and 10 thousand rubles, do not forget to take precautions.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, little Julia (all names changed) about 7.30 in the morning went to school. The parents of the student work in the capital and they went an hour earlier to work. The little girl had to go through one a few hundred meters to the house, aunt who along with her cousin was to accompany to school. Along the way she found parked on the side of the car, whose driver invited the child to help — for a kind of good uncle said will take me to school. Without hesitation, Julia agreed. However, as it turned out, she had fallen into the cleverly placed online by a pedophile. The driver launched the car in the other direction and stopped in a deserted place between the railway station Kruty and settlement Voynovo. Is there a pervert section of the child and the abused. Whatever the man was shot on a mobile phone camera, the torment lasted more than an hour. After that, the pervert brought the victim to the place where I brought it up, and as a reward for his silence gave her the money, two Bank cards and a purse. These items are the attacker for some reason, put in plastic zip-bags.

Julia immediately ran to my aunt and told about what happened to her. The girl all the time have searched for the security forces, a relative, concerned about a lack niece reported her missing to the police. Alerted personnel of the local police in hot pursuit to find the offender could not. Now detectives are studying the surveillance cameras installed in the area. But the attacker managed to set the car so that the plates and the driver was impossible.

In the words of Julia peace officers have made an identikit. According to her testimony, the offender looks about 40 years old, he’s stocky build, his height is 170-175 cm, black hair, close-cropped. Near the left eye on his cheek he had a mole. Detectives also found out that a pedophile moves in a car, presumably – sedan. On the dashboard lay a lantern with the image of the checkered cab. It is noteworthy that about 15 years ago my mother Julia in the same spot where the pervert picked her daughter were attacked by a robber. The woman was walking home late in the evening. Bandit threw her to the ground, ripped clothes and then tore off the ears earrings.

On the given fact GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region opened a criminal case under article of the criminal code “Violent acts of sexual character” to the malefactor threatens till 20 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment. Parents are asked not to leave children unattended on the street.

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