Ilya Lagutenko “recruited” Latvian musician

This rock band is always advantageously differed from other Russian colleagues to the scene creative guttaperchivye and ability to mimic, couching itself and their compositions in a variety of unpredictable forms. Despite the recent news that the festival Ilya Lagutenko V-Rox is one of the best in Russia, the international open-airs will not be held in Vladivostok, on a big solo concert artist was in the best mood and was a pleasant surprise for fans of brand new and unusual program.

photo: Valentin Monastyrsky

The audience and glad to be surprised: although the team for several decades, takes the stage, no her performance is not like previous one, as the frontman continues to gush forth fresh ideas, interesting projects (which is only the recording of the album “SOS Sailor” in the world or clips made in the style of the anime as a full-fledged short films). Resourcefulness favorite musician gives fans hope that after all the story of his festival, in the past year loudly celebrated its fifth anniversary, will continue in one form or another. While the audience is left to remember how it was, and, of course, enjoy the music — new and old, which also sometimes starts to sound different, what could be seen on the previous evening.

The visual component for “Mumiy Troll” no less important than the sound. Last spring, when the group celebrated the 20th anniversary of the album “the Sea”, she “magically” appeared at the site of a huge projection of the ship container, and the round video “eyes” in the background was transformed into the planet, into a portal to some parallel universe where the beast fled, appeared figures, unknown to the characters. This time the artists decided to abandon the traditional back of the stage, hanging over it at an angle of 60 degrees mirror similar to the metal surface where the reflection of themselves and tools in combination with dynamic lighting created a bright live image. The action began with a fascinating instrumental prelude: the white piano sat Janis Sipkevics, he Shipsi, who in 2009 founded together with Reinis Seanson in Riga group Instrumenti, very quickly began to gain popularity. Their music is a strange mixture of experimental electro and indie-pop. First, the young performers were hidden behind masks pandas, then opened face. “As long as they were in Vladivostok, we can’t leave,” smiled Lagutenko. Janis, something reminiscent of the mysterious and very talented alien, is added to the composition of the legendary team. Ilya, dressed in a stylish brown suit and wide-brimmed hat saturated cornflower blue that was similar to both grown-up cartoon hero dunno, descended from the moon and don Juan from the books of Carlos Castaneda, who somehow ended up in modern times and decided to change the image.

photo: Valentin Monastyrsky

Lyric successfully combined with ironic: “We called the program “an Evening tea. No Symphony orchestra”, because today every team he’s ambitious fancies himself a real orchestra,” – said the musician. In acoustics opus “Mumiy Troll” and acquire a special charm. Some, such as “My singer”, not often sounding on performances, “girls”, “love” – like it is originally created for this sound. More rock’n’roll like steel other works, a little differently placed accents, a different mood, the atmosphere within them. The famous “funneling”, where the word, which gave it a name, it was looped into a repetitive musical “the loop” has become malleable, Manturovo trip-hop composition. Experiments put on the “Bride,” “Vladivostok 2000”. Under the “restlessness” from the album “mergers and Acquisitions” especially impressionable young ladies shed a tear listening to “somewhere begs you one, somewhere waiting for another…” (what is not the modern world). Not without tracks from the last record, 2018 “East X Northwest” (“I don’t remember why”, “Honeysuckle”), the resulting thin and unobtrusive meditative. The artists came up with not only an original interpretation of famous songs, but also a surprise move, starting during their execution to change tools. “Every one of us wanted to try something else, like start from scratch… – commented the events move Lagutenko, for example, Oleg Pungin usually behind the drums, now the bass guitar, and dreamed about the piano…”. In confirmation of his words, the contractor got behind the keys. He tried himself in the role of pianist and bass guitarist, Paul wolf. The instruments the musicians were varied gracefully and with ease, proving that the additional orchestra, even a Symphony, they just do not need.

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