In the US a woman transplanted ear grown on her forearm

American plastic surgeons have transplanted a woman, serving in the army of the country’s ear that was grown on her forearm. Reportedly, this is the first such case in the history of the us army. Left ear American lost during a car accident in 2016 — the car on which it is moved, the tire blew.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The girl was not satisfied with her appearance after the accident and she considered the possibility to install the prosthesis, but experts Army medical center William beaumont expressed their willingness to grow and to transplant her “real” ear. The girl in any case had some time to walk with a prosthesis to avoid further scarring and, she said, initially, she doubted that would like to participate in a similar experiment — scared her how brave he looked. However, after some thought, she came to the conclusion that I would like to get plastic surgery took place.

After this, the researchers took tissue from the cartilaginous part of the rib of the woman and placed under the skin on her forearm where they obrasso blood vessels and finally took the shape of the ear. According to experts, hearing women not affected, but some time after plastic surgery the scars will be reduced and will be almost impossible to see that her left ear is not one with which she was born.

In early 2016 the experiment on growing human ear in even more unusual circumstances was conducted by specialists from Japan representing the Tokyo and Kyoto universities. Human tissue, taking the form of ears, was grown from stem cells on the back of a lab rat. Researchers in the laboratory have received from human stem cells cartilage tissue, then we created of her tiny balls. After that, the beads were placed in a special tube with a diameter of about three millimeters. Three such tubes placed under the skin of lab rats. Two months later the tube was dissolved, and cartilage grow together, taking the form of a person’s ear, the size of which reached five centimeters.

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