Media revealed the mystery of the disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing: all killed the pilot

The pilot of the Malaysian Boeing 777-200 Malaysia Airlines, carrying out flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, which disappeared in March 2014, probably intentionally implemented a crash of an aircraft after takeoff. This writes the newspaper The Independent, citing experts.


“It was planned and done intentionally after a certain period of time”, – quotes the edition of a specialist Martin Dolan.

However, the expert ruled out that the disappearance of a Malaysian side connected to terrorism.

“If it was a terrorist attack, a terrorist group would surely have taken responsibility for the incident. This statement was not followed,” said Dolan.

In turn, the canadian expert Larry Vance said that the pilot may put on an oxygen mask before depressurize the cabin liner in order to retain the co-pilot and passengers unconscious.

Simon Harvey, who for a long time worked as the pilot on the same flight, confirmed the version of Dolan.

From his point of view, the aircraft to the disappearance flew over the Malaysian-Thai border not to get in range of the radars of both countries.

“If I were asked to make the plane disappeared, I’d be doing the same thing,” said Harvey.

In continuation opinion: the Disappearance of Malaysian “Boeing”: the expert praised the new version

We will remind, Boeing 777-200 of Malaysia Airlines departed from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8 March 2014 and disappeared from radar an hour after take-off. On Board were 237 passengers and two pilots 53-year-old Zachary Ahmad Shah and 27-year-old Farik Abdul.

In January 2017 the authorities of Australia, China and Malaysia made a statement that deep-sea search for the missing aircraft is suspended.

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“Australia found black boxes of the missing Boeing 777?”


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