Michael Turetsky: my father was promised the soldier to sing on the areas of the US and Europe

This historical marathon called “Songs of Victory” held 3rd-12th may, Turetsky Choir and SOPRANO group. Such an event, when a song dedicated to the great Patriotic war, was made in the Central squares of many countries, was the first time. 10 days is known, the band performed in Paris, Ljubljana, Vienna, Berlin, Minsk, Moscow, Ashdod, new York (UN and battery Park). How meet Europe and America dear to every Russian songs, told the head of the choir of Michael Turetsky.

Photo: press service of the choir

— Michael, your presentations more attention from our countrymen or you fought for a foreign audience?

Events collected in each city tens of thousands of people. In addition to our countrymen, there were many foreigners. Favorite songs of several generations sang the world! Including “Katyusha”, “Darkie” and even “Want to whether Russian war?” In 10 days we traveled eight countries, five generations of people were involved in these performances, including children and veterans. People who speak different languages, heard our songs. Of course, it wasn’t just songs about war and peace, there were other international hits to keep the audience not only the Russian-speaking audience: the French in Paris, Americans in America. We called these concerts “of unity Songs” — “Songs that unite”. And for specific responses it is possible to judge that people who do not know our country, said that Russia is opened for them after such events entirely on the other side. They had not previously imagined people singing along and crying and laughing together. And for them, this project reveals the full essence of the Russian people, his soul.

Of course, such events tend to come in the audience who know Turetsky Choir, but also the people who are in mixed marriages, those who are interested in Russian culture. Slightly we speak French and English, a little Russian. But the main thing is people need emotion to see what happens in the courtroom, and our people create the right atmosphere. And foreigners becomes clear what it means for us to Win.

— How did the idea for this marathon?

—In the framework of the marathon, called “Song of Victory” last year we did a concert in Berlin. And he had an incredible emotional response: more than 20 thousand people came to the Central square of Berlin that a kilometre from the Reichstag. And 8 million people were online viewing on this occasion. And all were amazed by this performance, because it was kind of impossible. Victory songs: “Katyusha”, “Smuglyanka”, “Buchenwald alarm”, “I was Traveling from Berlin”, “Three tanker”, — sounded in the German capital. This means that the world is changing. I once the father-a soldier, who came from Moscow to Berlin, was a participant in the breakthrough of the siege of Leningrad and returned from Berlin to walk home, promised this concert. Then, in 2008, he was 95 years old, and he said, “You will never have this!” And now the dream is becoming a reality. And after so successfully passed all last year, we decided to expand and have already done a marathon. It was a gift of Moscow Government to the European capitals, Israel and the United States. The action was held with the support of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

— What is significant such statements?

— The attitude to Russia is changing at such events, and we collect the full area of people. For example, we were in Ljubljana. Slovenia is a NATO country, the former Yugoslavia, but there are monuments to soldiers-liberators who died in the First and Second world wars. And they respect and honor that the victory of the Soviet soldiers. Played in Vienna, it is clear: “Vienna Remembers, remember the Alps and the Danube.” Berlin, too, was quite natural. On Israel, the place where today is may 9 recognized as a national public holiday. The next event — a concert in the Hall of the UN General Assembly in new York — we were all in jeopardy. Our flight was canceled, broke the plane. Get on the chaise, three aircraft with connections. A total of 28 hours on the road, and we’re in new York. Straight from the airport raced to the UN without going to the hotel. Us an hour and a half waiting to senators and congressmen, and diplomats of different countries, veterans, a Russian-speaking guests. We were on adrenaline, gave a powerful concert. Was combined program: the concert began with the songs of Frank Sinatra “new York, new York” and then we sang “Victory Day”, “Moscow nights”, well, of course, there were arias from operas, and French and Spanish hits. To bring people together. The next day, may 12, there was a performance in battery Park, is the southern part of Manhattan overlooking the statue of Liberty. Here begins America! It was so impressive: the transparent stage, behind the statue of Liberty, and we are talking about the fact that Russia and America — two banks of one river, the River of the World. And that today it is necessary to unite Russia, the European Union, Kazakhstan, Israel and the United States needs to become whole, to save our fragile world. Through music, kindness, sincerity, spirituality, emotional growth easier to reach people than through a dry diplomatic language confession. And even the guards, African Americans have become our friends. I came back so excited: 3 may were Paris, and a final concert in new York on 12 may.

— On the list of places your presentation is also Moscow. Something different concert in the capital from playing in European and American cities?

— Was the grandest concert at the Belarusian railway station, where we gathered a huge audience, even on the pillars of the overpasses with people hanging. The whole area was blocked off and Packed with people. There was a show with the latest technology of 3D mapping. The facade of the station at the time of the concert came to life and became a great addition to our program.

— What was the most important moment of your marathon?

— To us the head of the Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky advised to take in the repertoire of the song by E. Kolmanovsky and E. Yevtushenko “do the Russians Want war?”, we transferred her to all the languages of the countries where we performed. And her performance was the climax of the concert.

This action is strong that such performances is incredible positive energy, exchange energy, build up bridges of friendship and then go crazy circles around the city: articles in the press, on the Internet. And we want to go to Budapest and even in the Ukraine. Victory Day it is necessary to come to Kiev, it is impossible to ignore the fact that there has passed a March “Immortal regiment”, which means they want to restore the relationship, and in this sense we are on their side.

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