“Named Russian national team structure on a match with Sweden

– The coaching staff of Russian national team on hockey decided on the squad for the match of the seventh round of the group stage of the world Cup against Sweden.

The composition of the game (“Interfax” is already a text stream) as follows:

🇷🇺🇸🇪 The composition of the team for the final match of the preliminary stage against Sweden. Beginning at 21:15 (GMT), live broadcast on the First channel and the website https://t.co/hVuJjUSFTb. All details in our Twitter. pic.twitter.com/kmHn7rV0dZ

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) May 15, 2018

Starting the throw-in will take place at 21:15 GMT.

After six rounds Sweden the lead in group A with 17 points. Wards Ilya Vorobiev on one point. In the case of any victory in today’s meeting, the Russian team will be the winner of their group in the quarterfinals and will play against the fourth team of group B. In case of defeat – with the third team of group B. it is Already known that it was team Canada.

The championship is held in Denmark.

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