Netanyahu “insulted” the winner of “Eurovision”, “calling” her a cow

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Hebrew, congratulated his compatriot Netta Barzilai with a victory at the song contest “Eurovision”. However, the automatic Bing translator from Microsoft incorrectly translated his words into an insult.


The head of the Israeli government in his microblog used the word “kapara” that is “dear”, “sweetheart”. By itself this word means “atonement”, and in slang meaning is used to Express friendship and blessing. However, the automatic translation of the social network by mistake gave the phrase: “You cow!”.

English-speaking Twitter users were amazed that supposedly told Israeli Prime Minister. “This translation can’t be correct, right?” writes INITIO_FINEM with a screenshot with the statement Netanyahu.

This translation can’t be right.. right?

— λB ł₦łŦłØ:λÐ ₣ł₦EM (@INITIO_FINEM) may 12, 2018

However, it soon became clear that the politician didn’t mean anything bad.After a few hours, Bing has proposed a more accurate translation. “Netta, you’re wonderful! You got a lot of respect for the state of Israel. Next year in Jerusalem!” so now Netanyahu looks like a tweet.

Meanwhile, it became known that the 25-year-old Israeli singer will not come to Russia at the award ceremony of the TV channel “Muz-TV” “Transformation,” reported Telegram-channel Super. Thus, on 8 June, the net will take part in a gay parade in the Jewish state that it is “much more important”.


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