On the surface of the ISS found the substance of the other constellation

On the surface of the International space station was discovered a substance called holmium, which is almost impossible to find on Earth or in the Solar system as a whole. Reportedly, the nearest star is studied, where this chemical element can be found in abundance, located in the constellation of Centaurus.

photo: pixabay.com

Holmium is a chemical element belonging to the group of lanthanides, and bearing the number 67 in the table of Periodic system of elements Mendeleev. Together with other rare earth elements contained in the minerals monazite, bastnasite, euxenite, Apatite and gadolinite. However, according to experts, on the Ground, he almost never found in scattered condition. Abnormal amount was recorded on the Przybylski star in the constellation of Centaurus, and experts suggest that on the hull he could get from interstellar space.

It is also reported that in samples was detected DNA of bacteria of the surface layer of the oceans.

In 2017 cosmonaut Anton shkaplerov told that cotton tampons, with which not so long ago were taken from the outer side of ISS, discovered the bacteria that “came from space and settled on the outside of the shell”. This information caused a strong reaction from many Internet users, some of whom hoped that we are talking about the first ever alien life forms. Later, however, doctor of biological Sciences Anton Syroeshkin explained that speech, in all likelihood, we are talking about DNA samples of earth bacteria that could get there due to the electric current, the current constantly between earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

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