Physical labor declared deadly for men

The vast majority of scientists are convinced that physical activity is good for health and increases the chance for a long life, while a sedentary lifestyle can have the opposite effect. However, a new study has shown that the work involves regular heavy physical labor can not be called a secret of longevity.


The specialists compared the data obtained in the course of nearly two and a half thousand scientific papers, which together was attended by 193 696 people. As it turned out, among men whose work involves constant physical labor, the risk of premature death was about 18 percent higher than among the rest. However, as stated, women in the “active” work, by contrast, lived longer than others. The specialists managed to obtain new evidence that people of both sexes, which is the time in exercising and other “voluntary” exercise, on average, live longer.

Strictly speaking, the results obtained do not allow to unequivocally that physical activity at work are the cause of premature death among men. The pattern may have other explanations — for example, you can note that physical labor at work are more often people without education (which, as shown by other studies, prolongs life) or to assume that such people are less likely to adhere to a healthy lifestyle — both of these explanations would mean that the hard work and life expectancy are linked only indirectly. However, the authors are inclined to believe that the work where men overreach, really can be harmful.

The study was published in the scientific journal British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Earlier, another group of researchers found that and in my free time, not all physical exertion be useful. In particular, if we are talking about walking through the city streets, away from parks, the polluted air can negate, and sometimes outweigh all the benefits that such a trip could bring.

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