Psychologists have described as the first sex affects the fate of

A group of researchers from the University of California, found out what factors determine whether the relationship between a man and a woman is short or long. As it turned out, the first sex between people is very important, though not the only time that plays a big role in this.


Experts note that as in the minds of most people and in many scientific studies of long-term and short-term relationships are treated as completely different phenomena — in the first case, a man and a woman expect to get married and hope to spend our whole lives together, while in the second they see each other as temporary sexual partners. However, the authors of the new study paid attention that at an early stage the distinction between serious and short-term relationships is blurred, and decided to find out what factors cause them to develop in the first or second scenario.

The experts interviewed more than 800 people came to the conclusion that some of the “most interesting” moments in a relationship occur after a man and woman met face to face, but before their relationship came erotic subtext. When people meet and show each other interest to understand whether long-term, however, if this interest subsequently remaining at the same level or falls (even if not disappear), the probability of such developments is low. Important is the fact that after a while people begin to ask yourself questions, what their relationships are and what they mean for everyone. The search for the answer to this question usually begins before the two end up in bed.

However, it is often the first sex is the moment when two people understand whether they want a long term relationship. If the time spent in bed would be memorable, it is likely that the answer to this question is positive.

It is paradoxical that in the future in a long term relationship that began with a whirlwind of sex, intimate approach is likely to recede into the background, while in the short-term relationship, she often remains the main “form of communication” until the breakup.

The study was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

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