Rowdy in the bar beat the actors from the popular series “Olga”

In the fight, participants of which were serial actors Alina Alekseeva and Boris Dergachev, understand the Moscow police on the night of 15 may in the bar on the Boulevard they were attacked by a drunken Muscovite. Victims, as well as opponent written statements at each other.


Alina Alekseeva.

As it became known “MK”, 29-year-old actress (Alekseev is known for participating in the series “Kitchen”, “Friendship of peoples”, “permanent vacation”, “ol”) quietly resting in the “Wine and coffee bar 45” with his companion, 27-year-old actor Dergachev (he also appeared in films, debuting in the film “hot pursuit”, followed by work in the films “I can’t forget”, “Anxious, or Love of evil”, “ol”, “denied!”etc.). Actors often visit the bar.

Around midnight, they were approached by a strange man — it was a 37-year-old Daniel, a resident of the lane Sivtsev Vrazhek, an economist by training). According to Alekseeva, the visitor of the bar was drunk and started to insult. So, the man called Alexeyev and Dergacheva second-rate actors, and other equally offensive words. The artists tried to pretend that nothing is happening, but the man was not appeased.

After the verbal abuse he grabbed Dergacheva by the collar, dragged into the street and began to beat. The actor defended himself from the fists as best he could, and Alekseeva, meanwhile, asked the bartender to immediately call the police. Before their arrival she tried to fight off fellow — left the offender in the head with a glass (however, according to the victim, it was bottle, in addition to this, the girl seems whacked the brawler from behind with a stick). In response, the opponent struck Alekseev in the face.

The strike, however, cooled the ardor of the aggressor, and he soon left the scene of the fight went to the Sklifosovsky research Institute to take a beating (the doctors found injury head, injury of the forearm). The injuries recorded and the actors — they have soft tissue injuries. They met together in the police station where written statements with the request to inspect. However, having sobered up the next morning, Daniel said that he could not remember the events of the night, as it was strongly drunk, and apologizes for the ugly deed. As for the actors, after the fright they slept half the day.

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