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The winner not only takes first place in group A, but also will avoid a meeting with Canada in the quarterfinals of the world Cup

Fans of the national team, Rossitto: TASS, Anton novoderezhkin

Russia – Sweden 1:3

Hello, dear fans of hockey!

“Interfax” offers to your attention a text broadcast of the match of the seventh round of the group stage of the world Cup between Russia and Czech Republic! Will hold its traditionally Vladimir Nardin!

The game will take place today and will start at 21:15 Moscow time!

Both teams are already ahead of schedule won the permit in a quarterfinal.

But today will be decided which of them will take first place in group A, and who – the second. The group winner will play the team which finished fourth in group b, the team that won the second place in group A, with the third team of group B. And so on

The third team In Canada. So the winner of the match Russia – Sweden will receive a nice extra bonus to avoid meeting with the descendants of the founders of hockey.

The Russian national team is offered to your attention

🇷🇺🇸🇪 The composition of the team for the final match of the preliminary stage against Sweden. Beginning at 21:15 (GMT), live broadcast on the First channel and the website https://t.co/hVuJjUSFTb. All details in our Twitter. pic.twitter.com/kmHn7rV0dZ

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) May 15, 2018

You called a neighbor and on the phone, you heard the question: “so, how’s chances?”, and you are confused and do not know what to say? Then you’ll appreciate this information!

Bookmakers named Sweden favourite match of the ice hockey world Championships against Russia https://t.co/TkTn6M3PnD

— Interfax (@interfax_news) May 15, 2018

And on this map you can (at least approximately) to tell you what time it is. Suddenly you have to go to work? If so, remember to bring your equipment so as not to deprive themselves of the opportunity to read my writing)

🇷🇺🇸🇪 Today, the team will have very important match in the preliminary stage of the world Cup. The game will start at 21:15 Moscow time. 🗺 Search on the map of your region and write in the comments where going to root for Russia! pic.twitter.com/3wMGRkll5H

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) May 15, 2018

Mark Pen believes that Russia will win. Thank You, Mark!

#MondialiHockey2018 #PronosticiHockey #Pronostici

#Bombe #Hockey#RUSvsSVK winner #RUS#RUS RUSvsSWE winner

— Mark Pen (@MarkPenCase) May 13, 2018

Pre-game friendship

Friends… for now. @russiahockey @Trekronorse #IIHFWorlds 🇷🇺 🇸🇪 pic.twitter.com/qeIUmz18Bk

— IIHF (@IIHFHockey) May 15, 2018

The process of arrival of the hockey team Russia at the arena

🚌And the Russian team arrived at the “Royal Arena”, where at 21:15 will start the final match of the preliminary stage against the Swedes. pic.twitter.com/WyuPVRO9Tj

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) May 15, 2018

Both teams go on the ice. You have to understand that the forum starts in a few minutes


The match is underway!


The faceoff was won by the Russians, but then their performance was followed by mapping, whereby the throw-in will now be in our area!


A fight on the ice, comrades!


Rikard, Rachel roughly sealed to Board our Ilya Mikheev – this started all the fuss. However, the players quickly calmed down, and Rachel received a two minute penalty


And not a minute passed, and so many events!


Our little themselves not scored. Whims, from their goalkeeper, failed, took pass from side. Almost got locked in the gate


Again the fight! Adam Larsson, while at his gate, he caught the stick of Pavel Buchnevich! The offender removed immediately by four minutes!


Five-on-three play, the rivals. More precisely, five to four: first the offender in the composition of the Swedes back in the game.


Russia – Sweden – 1:0


GOOOL! Russia took the lead! Cyril Whims got the puck from behind the goal and to the gate just dropped with penny! Implemented Russians are the majority!

🚨GOOOL! 1:0🚨 #RedMachine #IIHFWorlds #RUSSWE pic.twitter.com/WH1YFkJRWN

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) May 15, 2018


In St. Petersburg SKA are very pleased to the goal of the player of CSKA Moscow!


Hockey club SKA (@hcSKA) May 15, 2018


But we are still in the majority: the Swedes (Larsson) it is not a classic two-minute deletion was! Nearly a minute still to play in the majority!


After a long effort the Swedes still threw the puck out of their zone


Gusev threw on Swedish gate and immediately the Swedish national team began to play at full strength


Russian goalie Koshechkin saved goal after the Swedish threat of a throw from close range


The Swedes went on the attack and pressed our defence. While Koshechkin fixed the washer (about the same tried to squeeze his trap like a landlord trying to get on the rapid cockroach sneakers)


Dadonov went one on one (not with a clear separation from Swedish stalkers, but still) with the goalkeeper. However, to break it, the Russians failed


“RUSSIA! RUSSIA” chant tribune


Will not be superfluous to say that he would Kaprizova in the scoring attack was assisted by Nikita Gusev and Pavel Datsyuk.


And here is the video of the goals! Pleasant viewing!

#RUSvsSWE From the back of the net straight into Kaprizov”s stick, beating @trekronorse to the first goal.

So, so good. @russiahockey pic.twitter.com/1yAMd5ulbJ

— IIHF (@IIHFHockey) May 15, 2018


Vasily Koshechkin again dangerous catches flying puck that once again almost brought players of the opposing team out. But the fighting – probably, fortunately! – did not take place!


In the match Latvia – Denmark current account – 1:0 in favor of the Latvians. They play in group B. the Winner is the group in fourth place and out on the winner of group A. defeated And will stop fighting for the medals. And the society is worried…

The Danes, where are the goals? #IIHFWorlds #LATvsDEN #RUSvsSWE

— dagothic (@guilty_demeanor) May 15, 2018


Reels at high speed, rode at the side on the left and put the puck under the throw Shalunov. He had not managed to get the puck


Mikael Backlund intercepted Russian transmission and ran to our gate. I nestled in front of the monitor, it seemed that the Swede was frightened (flustered) that it will catch up and began to approach Koshechkina. He threw on his goal: our goalkeeper caught the puck


By the way, Koshechkin caught the puck: the Swede just shot past


In the minority were the Russian team. Maxim Shalunov for the delay of the rival a stick, went for two minutes in the penalty box. I hope it is for two minutes and not a second less!!!


Philip Kirkorov Forsberg left on our goal! The puck struck the post!


Violently attacking Swedish hockey players! Our diligent defense!


Koshechkin kept his head and caught the puck after the next throw!


Russian team in full force!


And team Sweden – no! Two minutes for slashing player deleted by Viktor Arvidsson!


Our located in the opponent’s area


Yakovlev threw! Got into the Swedish defender!


10 seconds before the end of the period the vagaries of the cast up close! Missed!


And here is the end of the first period! Meet me after the break, comrades!


Began the second period! To which we come not with empty hands. And with the statistics for the first period!


— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) May 15, 2018


The Swedes, recall, play in the minority


And our attack in the majority


Viktor Arvidsson legally jumped from the bench penalty box (Sweden plays at full strength) and immediately received a pass from a teammate and ran one on one with our goalkeeper! Koshechkin he could not beat!


Hot at gate of the Russian team. For a moment all alone left the Swede Helena Ekholm. But to break koshechkina, he could not


Arvidsson left the national team of Sweden in the minority for a few minutes for a push


That’s a lot of deletions from our competitors


Our managed to stay in the Swedish area, however, the Russians truncated missed it over the blue line


In equal structures play rivals


Koshechkin helps your (and our!) the team, after a powerful throw


Swede Adrian Kempe, apparently interested in what his partners so attracts the penalty box, and he broke the rules! Our – most!


High score game Vasily Koshechkin

Basil was taken, and Basil exports! Two consecutive time from the Swedes, but both times Koshechkin not gives a beat in the melee!#RUSvsSWE pic.twitter.com/WZKJmYcblT

Hockey club SKA (@hcSKA) May 15, 2018


Our is located in the area of team Sweden are trying to cast the attack in most


Long did not dare to leave our. But did the hares! Not passed his shot!


Could not the Russians to implement the numerical majority(((


Responsible for the removal of the Russian team – Maxim Shalunov. The second time he removed to this match (besides him, of the Russians even today, no one was removed)


Russia – Sweden – 1:1


Eight seconds was enough for the players of the national team of Sweden, to realize the most. The author’s goal – Mika Sibania


Here it is, a goal in our goal……..

TIE GAME! Zibanejad scores on the powerplay and gets @Trekronorse on the board! #RUSvsSWE #IIHFWorlds pic.twitter.com/iqjnHGfCAh

— IIHF (@IIHFHockey) May 15, 2018


Our attacking. Birds were shot. The puck missed the target


Decreased speed in the game.


Russia – Sweden – 1:2


Team Sweden took the lead. Sibania drove outside the gate koshechkina and put the puck on Ricarda of Rachela, which – albeit from a tight angle struck the gate of the Russians


Nearing the end of the second period. I hope during the break the coaching staff of the Russians figure out how to save the game


The last minute of a period


So the Swedes scored the second goal. All was as I described

#RUSvsSWE Rickard Rakell might be a superhero. @trekronorse now have the lead! #IIHFWorlds pic.twitter.com/aKu8R6U77d

— IIHF (@IIHFHockey) May 15, 2018


A throw-in in the area of team Sweden for fifteen seconds before the end of the second period. Our changed the goalkeeper at the sixth field player!


We won the toss!….




But did not reach the puck to the gate, stopped, faced with someone’s leg!


Here come the second break! I’ll meet you in third period!!!


Began the third period, dear readers!


Statistics on the first two combined. For it thank press service of Federation of hockey of Russia (FHR)!


— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) May 15, 2018


A striking episode of the previous period was the attempt by Forsberg to shoot Russians, holding the stick with one hand

#RUSvsSWE Watch this sweet back pass to Forsberg who swings the puck around with one hand on his stick and goes for the shot. 👍@trekronorse #IIHFWorlds pic.twitter.com/nIAGLvl7FG

— IIHF (@IIHFHockey) May 15, 2018


By the way, right now Forsberg again threw on our goal (this time holding the stick with both hands). Koshechkin reflected


Revived the Russian part of the crowd: “RUSSIA! RUSSIA!” chant our fans!


Pavel Datsyuk tried to score against the Swedes. Failed


Latvian goalkeeper Elvis Merzlikin works wonders in the match against Denmark and has not conceded a goal

.@lhf_lv’s Freibergs has a #goodstick and stops the puck from going over the goal line #LATvsDEN #IIHFWorlds pic.twitter.com/nuPqhpdna7

— IIHF (@IIHFHockey) May 15, 2018


Andronov threw on the Swedish goal, and they, unfortunately, did not get


Two in one (one is the defender, the goalkeeper is not in the bill) went to the Russians. Gusev decided to throw wide the gate!


Swede Mikael Wikstrand for the slap in the hands of Evgeny Dadonov is removed on two minutes. A chance for the Russians!


Our are unable to gain a foothold in the opponent’s area, but also to enter into it…


Another mistake of the Russians – and Koshechkina had to deal with their direct duties


The Swedes are in full force and Nesterov almost scored a goal in their gates! Failed(


The third period pretty quickly (which is typical for observer, whose team concedes one goal) exceeded equator


Dadonov has entered the national team of Sweden on the right, but not keep his balance – and failed to quit


Andronov was close to the gates of the Swedes to the taking of these gates. No more. Throw failed


Game episode of the eyes of colleagues from SKA:

And Barabanova it took the Swedes! Again, Sasha is more skilled and smarter all at the expense of individual actions has reached the goal, but too close, was to raise the puck!#RUSvsSWE

Hockey club SKA (@hcSKA) May 15, 2018


The Swedish team pressed Russians in the middle zone. Fails to our to get closer to the goal


But now entered the game our goalkeeper Vasily Koshechkin. The fact that he saves a shot, is good. And the fact that he had to do now, is bad


Latvia still ahead of Denmark with the score 1:0


We continue to make mistakes


So, the Russians changed their goalkeeper at the sixth field player!


Russia – Sweden. 1:3


The Swedes scored in the empty net. Mattias Ekholm scorer…


And here’s the final siren. Sweden – Russia – 3:1

Well, the Russian team took the second place in group A in the quarterfinals – attention! – play with team Canada!!!

All quarterfinals will be held may 17! Try to pay for your Internet by that date, if the deadlines approach! We will conduct a text broadcast of the match Russia – Canada!

And now I, Vladimir Nardin, thank you for the UPS and downs of the game, you watched it on the website of “Interfax”. It’s nice, I must admit!

Thank you for your attention and see you soon! Success!!

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