Russians massively poisoned in UAE: dozens of people were injured

Hotel in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), where rests a lot of Russians, according to them, is a real epidemic. Started ailments in the Victory Day — campers “have sinned” on a stale Breakfast. Now, almost a week later, the tourists claim that they are no better and the number of cases is increasing.

And that poisoning is not among them “isolated cases”, as commented in Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR), but a lot. We contacted the family from Yekaterinburg, today remaining in the hotel “Sheraton” of the city.


On may 9 I sent my wife and three year old son to Legoland, and went for hotel Breakfast, – tells 30-the summer novel of beetles from Yekaterinburg. – With Breakfast I took in the room sandwiches with cheese and sausage and put them in the fridge. When he returned, the wife ate the sandwiches, and the son did not. Around 10 p.m., my wife became ill. We measured the temperature — I was under 40, my wife 39, vomiting, diarrhea some weird color. Son was all right, so we understand that is because of the Breakfast he didn’t eat.

Roman says that at first he and his wife weren’t frightened, thinking that will cure itself. But all day may 10 and could not get out of bed and then called the doctor on the phone specified in the insurance policy.

– We were promised that the doctor will come soon, – continues the novel. – But after three hours it still was not! We answered the phone that the doctor has long been in our hotel, but he has a lot of work, as there are a huge number of people poisoned, including small children.

According to Roman, when at last the doctor reached them, he gave them only the pills for diarrhea and fever.

– We have all received, may 11 but my wife was just as bad. We again called the doctor. This time he gave us antibiotics. 12 may we were able to slowly crawl out of the room and then found out that only in our hotel infection covered 38 rooms, each about 2 victims, among them small children and pregnant women. One woman with a child from Kazakhstan has already flown home, and there her baby was in the hospital in serious condition, we maintain contact with them.

The novel says that on the same day they learned that the same symptoms of mass poisoning occur even in the same hotel in Sharjah and in Dubai. Today at the Sheraton apart from Zhukovs family are still 8 people. Half of them sick. Tourists associate their illness with food.

And that 9 may was for Breakfast?

– Yes, as usual – cheese, milk, cereal, sausage, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, watermelon. No exotic delicacies was not.

Return from Sharjah to Ekaterinburg from Bugs scheduled for may 16. However, they are very concerned about how to survive a long flight – still bad.

My wife even went by taxi to a local hospital, – says Roman. – Wanted to get tested for your money. It really spooked her condition, but she is yet for the child to watch. Asked for at least a dropper to deliver it. But in the tests, and a drip she refused. In her own words, without inspection, have diagnosed her with gastroenteritis.

Cases in the UAE have created a General chat . It affected share photos from infectious disease hospitals, where some, including children, were at Home. Here posted audio recordings of long talks tourists with the insurer in trying to figure out when is coming the doctor. At the same time in the chat trying to post pictures of glasses of juice with an unknown insect in them, mold in the corner of the “five-star” rooms and children under the drip.

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