“The bookies have named Sweden the favorite of the match of world hockey against Russia

– The Swedish national team on hockey is the favorite match of the seventh round of the world championship on hockey against the national team of Russia, the bookmakers think

As reported “Interfax” in the company “Rating Bookmakers”, the probability of a Swedish victory in the main time of the match is estimated at a factor of 2.1. To bet on the victory of Russia by factor of 3.03. At draw ratio of 4.54 is proposed.

The probability that Sweden will win including overtime and penalty shootout series, experts estimated coefficient of 1.68. On the Russian national team can put of 2.32.

The most likely outcomes of the match, according to analysts, it’s a draw 2:2 (the current ratio of 11.0), 3:3 (15,0) and the victory of Sweden with the score 3:2 (15,0).

After six rounds Sweden the lead in group A with 17 points. Wards Ilya Vorobiev on one point. In the case of any victory in today’s meeting, the Russian team will be the winner of their group in the quarterfinals and will play against the fourth team of group B.

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