The culture of the capital goes to the regions

Everyone understands, how difficult to convey to the regions cultural history, performances, concerts, recitals. But few are doing something. Capital bursting with leisure offers. But to bring all this in the Outback — well worth it. And so it is gratifying that the people of the province can be involved in a General range of cultural interests along with the residents of the capitals. On the eve of Victory Day, the Siberian coal energy company gave the residents of the city of Borodino, Krasnoyarsk region a musical and poetic evening, the actress of theatre and cinema Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka.

photo: SUEK

This is not a one-time event. The same recital of Xenia became possible due to the implementation of cultural project in which the residents of mining towns and villages, get acquainted with Russian artists, specifically artists of the Moscow art theatre. In Soviet times, the Philharmonic and an active concert life in the country — from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok — was the norm. After 90 years all of this collapsed system had to be rebuilt, and the activities of the Fund “SUEK — regionam” — a serious fact help.

Regional touring life brings real benefits not only “consumers” but also by artists, musicians, writers — it is only then that their life makes sense, absorbed the required quality and freedom. How can you know what breathes your country by just sitting in Moscow and St. Petersburg? SUEK is well understood, so the company was invited to the mining town of famous theatre and cinema actors like Konstantin Khabensky, Sergei Garmash, Alena Khovanskaya, Yana Troyanova, Viktor Horinyak. And it is not just a good tradition but serious experience in regional work.

Of Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, she, again, actress is the oldest in Russia Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, the heroine of many films and TV series. Moreover, in Borodino came on the eve of the May 9 holiday, which for her family is of great importance. Great-grandfather has gone missing, grandfather went through the war and returned to his native city of Kimry leg with a bullet.

Therefore, from the scenes in the performance Ksenia songs and poems of the war years in memory of those killed on the battlefields for their country. These words are for all times, and the audience sang with the actress. The most emotional songs of war sounded for almost two hours. By the way, played Ksenia Olegovna the teacher of Borodino children’s school of arts Ksenia Fedotova. Despite the fact that the rehearsal was only an hour, the Duo has developed.

In addition to these touching the military, the Borodin Quartet heard Mayakovsky, poets of the Silver age. And then part of his speech, Ms. Lavrova-Glinka dedicated to two people, blocks of Russian cinema and performing arts Marina Golub and Oleg Tabakov. Marina Grigorievna actress had linked long-term friendship, and Oleg Pavlovich — a favorite work. Songs, poems, life sketches, questions from the audience — she spoke with the Borodin Quartet with ease, a long night passed by like a second…

— It is important to emphasize — said the actress — such a format, in fact, he is very popular. And viewers really want to see the dancers without their masks, but in that situation when you’re not in the way when you’re just a man and capable of completely open communication. And Yes, I will go again, I am still in the city!

Three years ago, Oleg Tabakov gave impetus to this project — adds project Manager Service for public relations and communications, JSC “SUEK” Nikolay Astanin, — Oleg Pavlovich has offered to carry artists of theater and cinema in towns for meetings with residents, with labor collectives to create the opportunity for live communication.

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