The guard Ural TC beat of a disabled teenager for a visit to the electronics store

In Yekaterinburg 19-year-old boy with cerebral palsy was beaten by a man working as a security guard in the shopping center “Alatyr”. He didn’t like that the disabled person dared to look into the electronics store.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The victim’s mother told the publication E1, the guard attacked her son on the way out of the store. According to her, he grabbed the visitor by the collar.

“The man in the obscene form told him that if he comes in again to the store, he will rip his head off,” said the woman, adding that after that, her son’s rough outside.

It is noted that the disabled person was allegedly kicked out of TTS because of the fact that it might damage expensive gadgets. The guard attacked a passerby, who tried to defend the guy.

Doctors diagnosed the victim a thorax bruise, a bruise in the region of the clavicle and damage to the ligaments of the left foot. Police launched an investigation into the incident.

While in the shopping center and the electronics store said that beat the handicapped man has nothing to do with them.

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