The premiere of the film von Trier at Cannes: maniac, piles of corpses, Hitler

In the 71st Cannes film festival after a seven-year excommunication came back genius and Danish troublemaker Lars von Trier to present his new film about a serial killer “the House that Jack built”. Our special correspondent has visited on a premiere of a harsh picture, which ran hundreds of spectators.

Frame from the movie.

In 2011 in Cannes was a scandal. The winner of the “Palme d’or” in 2000 for “Dancing in the dark” starring the singer Bjork (she was recently accused of Trier in the harassment), introducing “Melancholy”, unsuccessfully joked about sympathizing with Hitler. After which he was deported everywhere rejected. His children, going to school used to yell: “Lars von Trier — Nazi.” Since then he has rarely appeared in public, but at the Berlinale came with “Nymphomaniac” wearing a t-shirt saying “Persona non grata”.

“Nymphomaniac” has completed the “trilogy of depression” that began “the Antichrist” and “Melancholia”. One of the roles in it was played by Uma Thurman, again invited by the Trier in his new movie, divided into several chapters called “Incident 1”, then the second and the list goes on.

As has happened many times, Trier once again suspected of misogyny as it gets “Jack” mostly women. But he starred Actresses have a different opinion. Once again the great and terrible Lars showed the darker side of man and his essence too frightening.

The main character in “the House that Jack built” was played by American actor Matt Dillon. He was braver than others, more scrupulous actors who refused to participate in such a bloody spectacle. The result was a Frank theater, sometimes behind the line.

After participating in the film Dylan was woken up by the night. It devoured fears, I wanted to grab the knife. The ugly face of Jack seemed to put a stigma of a maniac. And the name of the hero is appropriate. Association with Jack the Ripper suggest themselves.

All day, this tireless worker someone kills, smothers, and crushes, and then stashes the bodies in cold storage, puts them in the composition, as a true artist, photographing for eternity. The first victim is the heroine of uma Thurman, with years of aspiring to be like Meryl Streep. This annoying blonde, stuck on a deserted forest road, she runs into a sad outcome. Nothing to tease the beast, especially if you feel him as the killer.

Almost half an hour we watch the hard work of a maniac, but when turn comes to children, which Jack shoots a gun in the head, then carry on a picnic with their dead bodies, it is glaring too much. Although there’s all too much. When one of the victims, the police will declare that before him the man who committed 60 murders, and she can add to the list, her words will sound so implausible that the guard will miss the information on deaf ears. The maniac will continue experiments on committing the perfect murder.

A series of incidents go into a timeline with the advent of Hitler, pictures of the monstrous extermination of people in concentration camps. All the horrors of the twentieth century pass before my eyes, and tortures of the past Trier bed bed experiments Jack. He included footage of his previous paintings, where evil is explored to the ground.

As a result, its ordinary maniac will take the appearance of the Antichrist and will lead the dialogue with another diabolical instance named Virge. This role was performed by the 77-year-old Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, once played an angel in “the Sky over Berlin” WIM Wenders and Hitler in “the Bunker” Oliver Hirshbigel. Knowing all in the course of philosophical discussions, like Faust and Mephistopheles, Jack will go into the midst of fiery lava. There he and the road.

Powerful final code does not cover the disgusting feelings from some previous scenes where Trier seemed to be teasing the viewer into believing in something that the Director himself is not devoid of sadistic tendencies. Press conference decided not to make. Not to tease the geese, again, Lars could not agree to anything like this was seven years ago.

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Another bright and almost unnoticed event of the festival is connected with the Cannes classics. To present the Latvian Soviet painting pores “Breathe deeply…”, filmed in 1967, came from Riga 96-year-old Director Roland Kalnins. One can only wish all of his colleagues such happiness to their films 50 years after the appearance of has not lost are of excellent quality and so great and looked stylish. And to live up to such events when you’re over 90, overscale.

Roland Kalnins looks great, fit and happy. His character Caesar Kalning writes music for the group of “Optimists”, but officials called it the song pornography. So we have musicians to Supplement their shouts in Russian: “Glory!” and “Hurrah!”.

Amazing Riga of the time with a dim illumination in the form of stars, hammer and sickle. Over time, so little has changed in the mentality of Soviet society and Latvian musicians of the 60’s seemed to have passed the baton to the suffering of those who followed them. In “Summer” by Kirill Serebrennikov Viktor Tsoi similarly stumbles on the ban in Leningrad bosses from the culture, and seemed to be less than 20 years.

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