The scientists said than those of left-handers differ from right-handers

A team of specialists from Finland, Japan and the Netherlands found a correlation between the weight of the child at birth and the left or right hand he is leading. As the authors of the new study, the average left-hander weigh at birth is significantly less than right-handed people.


As reported previously, it was discovered that left-handed children are more likely to be born prematurely (and, consequently, with less weight). However, until now scientists could not clearly answer the question, is whether in this situation the role, in fact, the weight of the newborn, or the key factor is the pregnancy.

In the new study, the experts tried to answer this question, serviva people not only resemble each other from a genetic point of view, but also born in the same day of the triplets. In all likelihood, the choice of triplets as the object of study was due to the fact that at birth they usually weigh less than only children.

The researchers analyzed 2252 case of a simultaneous birth of three children, paying attention to the weight of each of them and that, were he right-handed or left-handed. As it turned out, on average, right-handed at birth weighed more than 100 grams more than lefties. The influence of pregnancy on the “leading” hand were found among the triplets born in the Netherlands, but was not observed among those born in Japan.

Scientists do not give unambiguous answer to the question, how birth weight is associated with the right-handed or left-handed is people, however, claim that new research suggests the existence of such a relationship with certainty.

The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Last year a group of specialists representing the University of Washington in Seattle, said that for right-handed more often than left-handed people, typically the chin and lower jaw. Experts tend to assume that the thin lower part of the face many left-handed people can be explained by correlation at the genetic level. And the year before that, the American scientist Jeffrey Anderson of the University of Utah said that the claim that the left hemisphere is responsible for logical thinking while the right side is the creative, is not true. The view that righties and lefties think differently, he also named a myth.

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