Theatrical sensation “contemporary”: Orbakaite will replace Khamatova in a high-profile performance

An unexpected move was made by the artistic Director of “Sovremennik” Galina Volchek invited to the theatre Christina Orbakajte. According to the Director, the most stylish singer of the national stage, struck all in the role in the film “Scarecrow”, will be replaced in a sensational performance “Two for the seesaw” Chulpan Khamatova, who this season has temporarily left the theatre. Rehearsals are in the second month, and somewhere in July we will see Orbakaite as Gitel Mosca, which at the end of 70-ies, played brilliantly by Tatiana Lavrova, at the beginning of the two thousandth — Chulpan Khamatova. Kristina Orbakaite will be the third in this high-profile list. How goes the work on the comparisons and risky steps singer said in interview to an observer “MK”.

Christina, how very unexpected offer of Galina Volchek log you into the show instead of Chulpan Khamatova?

— It was like a bolt from the blue, because I expect, but this — no. I had three performances, and successful enough interesting roles, images, but it was 15 years ago, and I already thought that the theatre broke up. More focused on the movie.

— Yes, many viewers remember the show “mistress into maid” with your participation, who is not one year went to Ermolov theater. What other performances are you talking about?

— “Mistress into maid” is my graduation work at GITIS, and it was preceded by a performance of the play just William Gibson (author of the play “Two for the seesaw”. — M. R.) “Monday after the miracle” (it’s like a continuation of “the miracle worker”). He walked in the entreprise, my partners was Irina Kupchenko, Andrei Sokolov, Alexander Mokhov, and I even got a prize. And it was after this role I went on to study in GITIS. And third performance we played for two with Anna Terekhova — Danae in Greek mythology.

But in parallel I still was pop life, and with theatre it became difficult to combine. Besides all the time confusion arose: I came to town with the show, and people thought that show. Some viewers at the box office was interested in “After some songs, you can give flowers?” They explained: “This is a play. It is necessary to give the bows.” — “No, just Christina, so will the song.” Including so I decided to pause the theater, put the theater to ourselves until, until you see that the offer I can’t refuse.

— And you in the theater feel good? Same as on stage?

— Know, I — man, the chameleon, Gemini zodiac sign, and can adapt. Enter again in this “river” — theatre — of course, it was hard. But I was looking through the pictures in my phone and found that was “contemporary” at the play “Two for the seesaw” a year ago — on April 22. This afternoon I even took a picture with Galina Borisovna. Performance was already three years old, but I had no way to get there. And then with friend together, not thought through the year…

— That’s the power of fate.

— Yes, when in March this year, the call came from Galina, she first said that it is not the input that she has her own opinion on this image. The best part is that all had some kind of Providence, as they say, Chuikov worked. Usually we have on stage the most active touring have for spring and early autumn. But I to our Director last year, for some reason said that this spring is not going to do the tour, which caused confusion. After all, the only time I didn’t go to the tour when was in the decree. And usually almost three months in the spring I’m not in Moscow. But this time I wanted to take the time out to spend with my daughter. That is, if I had an active schedule, as always, I wouldn’t be able to rehearse, I would have to abandon the role. So that all has coincided, was a sign.

— You took a pause to think or just accepted?

— I thought if you refuse, then you can afford not to forgive. On the other hand, have always understood what a risky move I make, and a lot of people around that I very often remind you (family, friends, colleagues). But I often happens: despite my shyness (I’m sometimes indecisive people), sometimes I make such radical steps.

One my appearance on stage as a singer, I believe, is a sufficient call to the public. But still, despite everything, I’m 25 years lasted in this field and continue to work quite successfully. I’m greedy in creativity, and if God gives, I don’t want to give up. I refuse projects that are not interested in me, but in this case I decided to take a chance and plunge into the pool with his head.

— How in this maelstrom? What devils there are?

— At first it was difficult: a large amount of text, two people on stage for three hours — it’s not easy after a long break. But such a role for every actress a gift, an opportunity to open up, to be different. When she can be reckless, touching, and tragic child — in this role converge all female emotions.

— Feel the devil is not afraid of you.

— It is not so terrible as he is painted. Of course, I’m all in this role. And I, of course, is very helpful my partner Kirill Safonov. However, some time we got used to each other, although I think it was hard, because he played several years with Chulpan, and we’re very different. But he helps me in the interpretation of the role, we already sang. See, where do without songs. I try as an actress to understand him, listen to his affiliate offers. And Galina is already taking our jobs, we made amends, sets the direction.

What if the relationship didn’t work out?

— I don’t know… but we’re adults, professionals. Not my style to act up. We probably would have had something to solve and to compromise. Yes, the actors of the different characters, but if you undertake, then do not choose a partner and have to live with it. I think if we, Kirill had a difficult relationship, we would have found a compromise. But Galina loves Cyril and trusts him as a professional, and we heard each other.

— In what stage you the hardest? What is not given?

— I totally understand — and this woman, and this fate. The same emotions I have. Of course, I’m different compared to Hitel, but as an actress I am interested to be themselves. So I see no problem, like to seek, to practice, to offer different options. But I must say that the same principle is the work on my concert because I’m a singing actress, so myself and position. I not only sing songs but also lose some role, are the characters.

— Your heroine Gitel doing ballet and you’re on stage is also very plastic. For you have introduced additional elements of plastic, maybe dance Gitel?

— We have special performances, all in the context of a role that plays. I added some of their movements, where Gitel moved before. Once at the rehearsal, heard the music, began to move, to improvise, and Galina said that it is necessary to secure and leave.

— Costumes — they will be like Chulpan? I remember that she participated in their creation, brought his artist, although one has already worked on the show. Especially for you, make absolutely others to the external side to shoot down the comparison?

— We still exist within a certain time — 60 years, can’t go to a different style. So with Pavel Kaplevich looking for — of course, we will have other costumes. Some are ready, and part of the process. But says Galina, and she is not all like.

— Inevitably you will be compared to Chulpan: Orbakaite worse Khamatova, better, and so on. In passing such judgments really hurt. What do you imagine the psychological protection invented?

— You know, with this protector I was born. Anyone really compare the whole life, is me. Well, what to do? It’s creativity, search. This piece is a classic, comes in many theatres of the world, and the replacement actress is fine. In my opinion, there to dramatize the situation is not worth it. I love Chulpan as an actress, she’s amazing, deep, to fit each role separately. I watched it several times in this role when I received the offer from Galina.

— Whose evaluation is the most important thing is Galina, mother, friends? Whose judgment you fear most?

I don’t know. I never think about the rating, I’m fairly self-critical person. And you know what yourself require. Even if in some moments I praise, and I know I have fallen short, say to myself: “Thanks a lot, I appreciate it, but I’m dissatisfied with myself”. The most severe critic is myself. And — in fact — the audience who buy tickets and come to actress Kristina Orbakaite.

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