As the capital of Mordovia is preparing for the 2018 world Cup

More than 40 thousand people at the football in Saransk? In the match of the third level of the Russian football division? Approximately eight years ago we say this — would have twisted his finger to his temple, the reader. Said, fiction is on the second floor.

photo: Alexey Lebedev

And now it’s a scientific fact: on Wednesday, may 16, the football club “Mordovia” and “Syzran‑2003” set a record attendance single game of the championship of the PFL (Professional football League): a little less than 45 thousand! It’s time to continue our partnership with the organizing Committee football world Cup 2018 the project and tell you about Saransk.

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The capital of Mordovia, surprising for a visiting Muscovite clean and tidy, located not so far from Moscow, something reminded me of… the Caucasus. And not only prohibitive in some level of hospitality and love of football.

At least in the PFL championship game between Mordovia and chelninsky “KAMAZ”, which the special correspondent “MK” was visited earlier, leaders in their zone “Ural-Volga region” and it is currently applying for transfer to the national football League (national Football League) colorful club from Saransk, once eighth in the Premier League, got downright superpoderes.

Including, by the way, and using stun local equivalent of the vuvuzela (remember that overwhelming buzz at the 2010 world Cup in South Africa?) — horn of birch-bark, called torama that will certainly sweep away the shelves by tourists from Denmark, Iran, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Japan… That’s my word, as I have had the hosts desperately! Except that iconic French actor Gerard Depardieu, who kindly provided the Mordovian residence, is not enough. Yes, it’s something in the Saransk tax Expat from France not to be seen, you will agree…

But it’s the lyrics, and the facts are: with the appearance of SuperCool of the stadium for the 2018 world Cup results “Mordovia” suddenly went down. In the first so-called test match the home orange arena broke the world with a modest Izhevsk “Zenith” (0:0). (It has, in accordance with the recommendations of FIFA officials, about 10 thousand spectators.) “KamAZ” is lost (0:1)!

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— Think of all the anxiety? — asks in surprise Renat Sabitov, the person to worry in vain is clearly not stuck: after all, gifted having played for Moscow “Spartak” in different arenas of the world. — No, I, for instance, don’t think so. On the contrary, such a beautiful stadium, but still nearly full, should drive us forward. But something that, alas, does not add up…

Stadium in Saransk was really Oh-Oh-Oh it’s beautiful. The color of the sun (Erzya and Moksha, two sub-ethnic groups, which decided to merge, using artificial term “Mordva”, to the sun always treated with special reverence). Most convenient for the spectators, the field is almost perfectly close to the stands. Overview — beautiful even with long layer: specially photographed from there, you can see for yourself!

photo: Alexey Lebedev
Special correspondent of “MK” (left) with Denis Nizhegorodov on the background of the base, where
during the world Cup will live Panama national team.

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By the way, the upper part of the second tier, according to the recognition of the Deputy Chairman of the Mordovian government, Alexei Merkushkin, probably after the 2018 world Cup is dismantled. “There is, of course, to count, told us colleagues Merkushin, but such a big stadium, quite possibly, Saransk and is not necessary, enough the 30‑thousand stadium. And the vacant spaces can accommodate halls for different sports, for example, to struggle.”

Yes, of course, a long time hallmark of the nearest to Moscow the national republics was walking. Valeriy Borchin, Olga Kaniskina, well, Denis Nizhegorodov, the hero of Athens 2004, finally (remember how he went to Olympic silver medals, losing consciousness?)… It Denis with the Minister of sport of Mordovia, eloquent and hospitable Vladimir Kireev, by the way, was conducted for a delegation of journalists from different countries on a tour of the base that produced the miracle of walkers (and cook?) and where the 2018 world Cup is going to live Panama national team.

But, incidentally, and Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, and Sambo, and other nice arts in Mordovia are revered almost as much as football. And also you can remember the Olympic Victor‑2004 Alexey Mishin. “And two of our student-wrestlers to become Champions of Europe, this tournament is held in Kaspiysk, — told “MK” the long-term rector of Saransk cooperative Institute, the famous philosopher Boris Kevbrin. Is Sergei Emelin — weight category up to 60 kg, and now two-time European champion Artem Surkov — up to 67 kg. Here, of course, the great merit of our head of the Department of physical education izvekova Vladimir V…. in General I really want to noted that Mordovia is a real area of sports. Yes, you probably have seen this, right? Still comes largely from the leadership: the current head of the Republic of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov D., and his predecessor, Merkushkin, Sr., Nikolay Ivanovich, sports are always loved and still love”.

And then, as I said, I love guests. And here, too, the Caucasus is a head start can give! All the best in the Mordovian house on the table and a carafe of delicious poses (beet drink, something reminiscent of the brew), and laid a thick stack of fluffy pancakes, which are called patchi, and berries and mushrooms, which is fantastically rich forests of Mordovia… Even so do not doubt: accept Jefferson farfán, James Rodriguez and, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo as a family.

And even better.

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Someone could probably say that 30‑thousand arena — so much for the 300‑thousand city. (Not talking about 3‑thousand Bundesliga the village of Hoffenheim, who has, however, in composition as much as 35‑thousand of the district of Sinsheim). The leadership of Mordovia and Saransk categorically with you it do not agree. Merkushin Jr. remembered at once: “we, when I played in the Premier League, ten thousand places is not enough, if Moscow “Spartak” has arrived, for example. The more people were drawn here strongly from all the neighboring regions — well, let’s say, from Penza… 30 thousand on top games sure can get!”

…Well, I want to believe — should work. Moreover, then there is no reason to say that Saransk has got the 2018 world Cup is not deserved, as not many had been there somehow believe.

Of course, on the merits, convinced my colleagues. And not just because of the fact that the city is surprisingly neat, not once, not twice recognized as the cleanest in Russia. That in itself, of course, well…

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