“At the Cannes film festival has presented the works of young Russian Directors

– Young filmmakers from Russia presented their works at Cannes and expressed confidence that the Directors have to say about all the things they care about, without fear of imprisonment.

“Kirill Serebrennikov’s not on the red carpet, Oleg Sentsov is in jail. It’s not normal, is not free. With this need to do something, to talk about it. My thought is that to be afraid is not necessary, to talk about everything you care about,” said Director Mikhail Borodin at the press-conference of the Russian participants of the official program of the 71st Cannes international film festival, which took place on Wednesday in the Russian pavilion.

In Russiamay 10, 2018Отказ Gangnam to visit Serebrennikov was prepared by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, not Potenital read more

Tape Borodin’s called “I’m normal” participates in the program “Week of criticism”. “This is a film about young people, about freedom, freedom of choice, than now in Russia a big problem,” – said the Director.

The picture of the “Calendar” of another Russian Director Igor Poplaukhin involved in the program of the cinéfondation.

“I think it’s important that the Director was understood, accepted and loved. I feel the support of Russia. I was very excited that the premiere today at the Cannes film festival to the film crew came, including the English-language audience,” said Poplaukhin.

The calendar tells how the woman secretly goes on a long journey, change transport modes and covering his tracks. According to the Director General Roskino Catherine Mtsituridze, the picture looks like the beginning of the series, which would have dedicated one or more topics and their development.

Also, the Russian pavilion was a presentation of the annual almanac GLOBAL RUSSIANS Roskino, which included Directors of Moscow, the duration of which does not exceed one minute.

“This year’s theme was Moscow. Last year we did film Commission of Moscow, so I chose this topic. Next year it will be different, but the format we leave, we loved it. This year it’s about 50 applications and, importantly, they were related specifically to GLOBAL RUSSIANS”, – said Director General of Roskino Catherine mtsitouridze. She noted that the feature works this year is that their duration does not exceed one minute, and they filmed in the format of Instagram.

Annual almanac of Roskino is the best Russian short films are also presented within Short Film Corner Cannes international film market Marche Du Film. In GLOBAL RUSSIANS 2018 includes the work of “Alicia” Boris Milovanov, “Moscow in 60 seconds” Sergei Nikolaev, “the Fixation of Moscow-Paris” Maria Shalaevoj, “the Soviet soldier as a symbol of victory,” Anton Olszewski, “I would like to see You here” by Vladimir Petrushin. According to them, the budgets they work does not exceed 20-25 thousand rubles.

71-th Cannes film festival will last until may 19.

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