“Atletico” crushed “Marseilles” and won the Europa League online stream

In the Europa League this evening we are waiting for the final. A two-time winner of this tournament, atlético will meet with French “Marseilles”. Moreover, the “Olympic”, in fact, will play at home. After all, the decisive match takes place in France, albeit in another city.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Yeah, in the beginning of the match it seemed that Marseille is really ready to deliver atlético serious inconvenience. Very fiercely they literally shoved the defense of Madrid in the gate. But the error Arissa goal and Griezmann broke the game to the French. Finally they finished off the trauma leader Payet. In the second half wisely continued to roll out the team defense of Garcia, which resulted in the second goal Griezmann. The situation could change in the end, if he can score Mitroglou, but he was only at the bar. And then the Spaniards scored the third effort Gaby. And here, “Atletico” three of a trophy of League of Europe. “Marseille” is not to MOPE. Team combat. She is still ahead.

90+3′ All. Atlético won the Europa League.

90+2′ Smoke bombs explode on the field – practically in front of the players. Directly war. The citizens of Marseille, meanwhile, raced to score a goal of prestige, but no.

90+1′ two Added minutes to the match. Meanwhile, from the stands, flying flares. Kuipers stops the game for a while, but then it resumes.

90′ And that a symbolic change may be in Spanish. Left Griezmann. Out Torres!

89′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! That’s all – 3:0. Very easily ripped the defense of Marseilles to the Spaniards. Eventually the ball came at the right edge of the penalty area Mandanda to alone Gaby. He managed to aim, and a low shot to score against the French. Mandanda helpless.

88′ Here and replace the team Simeon. Party went on for Correa.

87′ In the counterattack the ball reached Ni who could beat directly from the 11-meter mark. But struck Clinton is somewhere out of bounds. Not have oriented he is, which foot is best to strike.

86′ Continues mercilessly to a mistake at the gate the defenders of Marseille. Lucky for the French that another gift the Spaniards brought only to the impact of Soulja a defender.

83′ And another dangerous shot on goal from Marseille! Amavi shot from the left powerfully from outside the penalty area. But Cloud firmly took the ball in his hands.

81′ AAAAAAA, what is it? How so can not carry the team? Marseille had practically 100 percent of the time for goals! Submission of Sanson on the right and Mitroglou, who can score with his head, almost did it again. He was transported from his hair the ball towards the left corner of the Cloud. And the goalkeeper did not have time to get to the ball. And the ball hit the post, but the gate to drop flatly refused. But Marseille under different circumstances could appear just Sunside!

77′ But still, Ni got a yellow for being a little punched Lucas Hernandez. True, a player of the Spaniards also saw a yellow card for provocation. Everything here is relevant.

75′ caught Here, after all, a “yellow card” Louise Gustavo. he struck in the jaw by accident opponent on the left flank of defense.

74′ Germain left the field now have a “Marcel”. Left Mitroglou in attack.

71′ corner-kick and Koke tried to throw the ball from afar the collar Mandanda, but the goalkeeper “Marseilles” jump fished him out and sent to another corner.

70′ Griezmann was intending to cross, but there soul head struck a defender. Angular.

69′ Here is Louise Gustavo yellow almost came. Roughly he pulled the legs back Griezmann on the right flank of the French defense.

67′ And a shot from the French. Sanson from outside the penalty area struck the gate, but slipped the wrong time, and the ball went much past the gate. It seems that coming to Marseille. Come on, then a little more, French guys.

66′ ball Played by the French. The ball came into the penalty area to Ni, who volleyed the ball on goal but hit the defender. So that’s something.

65′ But a corner won by the revolutionaries.

64′ Atletico is already playing happily. But even so the French can’t come up with anything worthwhile to at least deliver the ball into the penalty area.

59′ Well, that completely wilted the players, “Marcel”? The faces of many of them betray the sadness in your hearts. It seems that they themselves do not believe that it will be possible to succeed in this game.

55′ Here and replaced with “Marseille”. Ni instead went the most active of as Monaco. Interestingly, Lucas is not the same that in the first half, or how to understand it?

53′ And the Spaniards, and did not think to stop. Already the same Griezmann struck from afar, but the ball deflected off the defender and went out for a corner. The filing of a corner, and Godin to head the ball over the crossbar.

50′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Griezmann! Well it seems already to Marseille. Brilliant combination of real Madrid and Koke brought along the right edge of the penalty Griezmann. The one on the left chipped the ball over out of alignment Mandanda. Two to play at Atletico Madrid is already daunting.

49′ Correa broke into the penalty area of “Marcel”, but there he had time to stop Rami.

48′ While continuing the pattern of the first half. Atletico holds the ball and not really give the French to come to your box.

46′ All were waiting for change from “Marcel” in the break. But suddenly his castling spent Burgos, Simeone replaced today. Went on the field instead of vrsaljko Juanfran.

Expected to be held today’s match. “Atletico” coped with the onslaught of “Marcel” in the early half, and then took advantage of a mistake in the French defense and scored from the only dangerous moment created at the gate Mandanda. After this “Olympic” somehow wilted. Even more the mood of the team Garcia fell due to injury leader Payet. What up mentor of the French during the break? How to save the game?

45+2′ Minute was added to the first half, and the referee sends everyone on a break.

45′ as Monaco almost broke through on the right flank into the penalty area, but instead accidentally kicked the ball into Tovena, which is now on the lawn. Really, his health problems?

43′ “Marseille” for the first time in 10 minutes seriously attacked the penalty area of the Cloud. However, the protection atlético failures does not give, despite the pressure of the French. And again repulsed the Spaniards.

39′ Feed Koke, and Godin struck hard above the gate.

38′ Here and Amavi brutally attacked Vrsaljko on his left flank, and was shown the yellow card. It’s a dangerous pitch.

35′, “Atletico” continues to monitor the situation on the field. A free-kick that earned the Spaniards in midfield. Filing went in an offside position.

31′ and then there’s the misfortune of the Payette! He will not be able to continue the game due to injury! It was replaced by Maksim Lopez. Left field player of the French team in tears. Really, without the 2018 world Cup will he stay?

30′ as Monaco rushes forward, loses the ball, fights, plays it and loses. It seems that only so, only nature can take its players athletes. However, there is hope Rudi Garcia at the break.

28′ Terrible pressure, “Atletico” in action. Already lost the sharpness in the actions of the athletes. The harmony game was gone, leaving only the character.

24′ Feed Payet, the ball darted to kick, and as Monaco, in the end, head the ball wide of the right-hand corner of the Cloud.

23′ and here the violation Vrsaljko on the right flank of defense. Yellow Horvath.

21′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Griezmann! They do not forgive such mistakes. Sarr gave the ball back to Mandanda, who deftly deceived and Diego Costa gave the ball to midfield on Arissa. But the Cameroonian, all of a sudden, was not ready to receive the ball, and he rebounded from it meters on six. In the end Koke instantly brought Griezmann one on one. The Frenchman escaped the offside trap and shot to the bottom left corner. Mandanda saved. The account is opened!

19′ But Payet struck with the summer from outside the penalty area. Very easy but the ball took the Cloud.

17′ a lot of challenges in the field. And surprisingly, so far without much roughness.

14′ But here than meets Atletico Madrid. Earned a penalty on the right flank of real Madrid. Feeding Koke, but the defense “Marcel” to cope with this. Another ball, and still the same Koke scissors the so-called shot from outside the box. But the ball went much past the gate.

12′ While this match is reminiscent of a London meeting between Arsenal and Atletico Madrid in the semi-final LE. “Marcel” again threatened the goal of a Cloud. Sarr has a shot from outside the penalty area. In London, the English also created moments for a couple of matches at the gate of the Spaniards. But the game that ended in a draw.

9′ Already tempers flared on the field. But referee Bjorn Kuipers from the Netherlands until I was handing the cards out.

6′ all the time! The pressure Marseille in the beginning of the meeting! Earned a free-kick on the right flank of the attack by the French. Payet was filed, but the defense did. However, the shell on the penalty picked up Rami, who immediately shot from the right. But the ball went wide of the right corner of the goal, “Atletico”!

4′ And ruined most dangerous moment at gate of Spaniards! Payet went with the ball on the line of defense “plans” and led one-on-one Germaine. Valerie came to the gate on the right, but struck the crossbar. Lucky Spaniards!

3′ atlético have included his trademark pressure. But he dealt with it in French.

2′ Marseille started the match in the Rugby style. Just kick forward into touch. The ball is so close immediately to the gate of the Clouds. However, the Ball still came here on half of the field athletes. But there are “Olympic” in control of the situation.

1′ has Started! Go!

– In the meantime, announce the starting lineups for the decisive match of the Europa League.

Marseille: Mandanda, Ramie, Amavi, Sarre, Luiz Gustavo, Sanson, Angessa, As Monaco, Thauvin, Payet, Germain.

Atlético: Cloud, Vrsaljko, Giménez, Godín, Lucas Hernandez, Correa, Saul, Gabi, Koke, Diego Costa, Griezmann.

– Hello, dear fans of football! Here begins the final stage of the season 2017/18. Now we will see the finals of the Europa League between “Marcel” and “Atletico”. A little less than a week and a half we will enjoy the Champions League final, Liverpool and real Madrid. Oh, and then the world Championships in Russia!

If Atletico have twice won this tournament, Marseille only got to the finals. But also twice. It was, however, even when the Europa League was called UEFA Cup. In 1999, “Olympic” has not coped with a strong then the Italian “Parma” (0:3), and five years later the stumbling block was the Spanish “Valencia” (0:2).

The fact that the match takes place in Lyon, that is, virtually on home soil for Marseille could be decisive. That’s just atlético, the team that can make a chop from the opponent, at least in Madrid, at least on the opponent’s field. Champion of Russia Moscow “the locomotive” will not lie.

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