Colonel, the suspect in the shooting of two Azerbaijanis, “grew up in a tolerant family”

In the murder of another Azerbaijani is suspected, a retired interior Ministry Colonel Alexei Zhdanov. Recall that in October last year after a traffic conflict at Novoslobodskaya street, he shot the driver of “infiniti” George Akopdzhanova, and recently investigators proved his involvement in the death of taxi driver Sagita Huseynzade — this crime was committed in early September of 2017.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As have informed “MK”, 41-year-old ex-policeman Zhdanov recently taksovat on their “Lada”. Note, even during the service he was in the midst of several scandals, being a security officer in the 2nd police Department of Podolsk were suspected of falsification of materials of criminal case on robbery, protection racket point “moths” on the Simferopol highway, but every time I came out unscathed. He, according to relatives, was in a highly nervous condition and abused alcoholic drinks. The man had to raise two young children (preschool and school age), and to get a job with a high salary could not.

Family assume that on the basis of life’s troubles, he was obsessed with the mind. Earlier, as they say, hatred of the Azerbaijanis Zhdanov was not observed, the Colonel and his brother were brought up in a tolerant family.

However, in the night of October 16, Zhdanov was shot from a Makarov pistol George Akopdzhanova, a native of Baku (the man was 38 years old). The reason, according to ex-policeman — traffic conflict. Supposedly Akopdzhanov while driving “infiniti”, inquired George after he lit up the green light, and then looked contemptuously when cars passed. Then Zhdanov (he drove a “Zhiguli”) went after the offender and in the yard of his house on Novoslobodskaya street, fired six bullets (by the way, this gun had the numbers filed, according to the explanation Zhdanov, forgotten passengers, which he once drove).

Investigators quickly figured out the killer and arrested. The gun he had thrown, and “the Zhiguli” to burn, however, evidence for this crime against him enough.

But the investigators established the involvement of Zhdanov to the murder of Azerbaijani Sagita Huseynzade (he was 45).

Born in Baku arrived in the Moscow region of 6 years ago to work, leaving his wife at home and a 24-year-old son made friends with a Muscovite, a resident of the street the Warm Camp. The woman gave the officer his car “Renault Logan” on which he went taksovat. On 6 September, as usual, he left the “bomb” and disappeared. Presumably, he was killed by Zhdanov after road rage in Azerbaijani was released 8 bullets. His body was found in a forest belt near the settlement Desenovskoe on the territory of New Moscow on 8 September.

Meanwhile, relatives of ex-law enforcement officer believe that the investigators are trying to pin on Lieutenant Colonel that October is in jail, unsolved murder. Relatives summoned for questioning, but a request to show the evidence or the materials of the case, the investigators gave a negative answer.

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