Did not survive the reforms of the government: the new version of the death of Yuri Kotler

Known in political and business circles of the businessman Yury Kotler has been found dead in Moscow on Wednesday evening. He died from a gunshot wound to the face. A number of sotrudniki police found the gun “Winchester”, as well as traces of the presence of strangers in the apartment was not the version of the murder had to dismiss almost immediately.

photo: Dmitry Pogorelov

This machine was used by the victim.

The alarm about the disappearance Kotler lifted his wife Natalia. She was in France and for several days could not get through to her husband. The driver, whose services are used by businessman, came to his home on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street (Kotler rented an apartment here), opened the door with his key and found the chief dead. Death, apparently, came a few days ago and was instantaneous.

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The reasons why Kotler to make such a decision, the move could not say no family, no friends. A graduate of the journalism faculty of Moscow state University, he has long worked as a journalist in the economic journals, then press Secretary again in economic structures. Political career he started to do during the very first campaign of Vladimir Putin in 1999, taking the position of spokesperson and adviser to the Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic research. The ruling party praised him — Kotler became the head of the project “Personnel reserve – Professional team of the country”. However, since even a minor personnel decisions in the Kremlin, it could affect the party soon decided to focus on the business and moved to VTB Bank senior Vice President. Also he was listed as a co-founder of a small consulting firm and recently joined the Board of Directors of the microfinance organization “Home money”. But the relationship with the party he had left just three months ago, the businessman was appointed to the new Advisory Council of “United Russia”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
The window of the apartment where the body was found Kotler.

However, in cloudless at first glance the career of Kotler, were black spots. In particular, in the Savelovsky court of Moscow was his claim to “Novorossiysk sea port”, where until recently worked as a head of Moscow representative office. The last hearing on the lawsuit was held on Monday. In addition, the recent reshuffle in the Cabinet of Ministers has strongly struck on “Open government” Mikhail Abyzov, which Kotler took an active part. However, perhaps his death and by purely personal reasons.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
Photos from the scene.

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